Diomni Software

Streamline molecular diagnostic testing with Diomni Software, an easy-to-use software solution to boost efficiency and achieve higher accuracy. Clinical testing and test development lab users can be more efficient by using a browser- based application connected to multiple instruments and users. Plan an extraction, run a qPCR test, review interpretive results, and release reports with confidence. Diomni Software is designed to help you achieve maximum productivity and smarter security with no additional resources or investments needed.

Innovate your workflow with Diomni Software’s molecular diagnostics features

Simplify workflows into routines

  • Pre-defined protocols help reduce run setup time and errors
  • Automated QC and interpretative results enables reliably accurate calls

Scale with connectivity

  • Multiple users can access and use the software at the same time
  • Connect multiple instruments for status tracking and data exchange

Convenient remote access

  • Select your assay definition file (ADF) and add samples to plate layout remotely
  • Send run setup to one or more instruments or add run to queue for later
  • Receive in-depth results without stepping into the lab

See the difference

  • View quality and individual sample results with Diomni Software’s data visualization tools

Expand test menu with speed

  • Add new tests without upgrading software version

Integrate with your clinical lab

  • Customize data input/output and tailor the report to your needs
  • Automatically send reports and results to pre-designated location, such as a laboratory information system (LIS)
  • IT-friendly maintenance with secure and centralized client-server deployment model

Solutions for streamlining your workflow

  • Connect centrally—set up Diomni Software on a central computer and connect to multiple instruments that can be accessed by many different users
  • Design assays—create comprehensive tests, with customizable targets, test codes, QC settings, etc., to fit your testing needs
  • Perform runs remotely—conveniently select an assay, add samples to plate layout, send run setup, and receive detailed results
  • QC and configurable report—view results with Diomni Software’s data visualization tools and export upon run completion
  • Automate data transfer to LIS/LIMS—integrate to streamline the results to send PDF report or result file automatically to predesignated location


For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.