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Applied Biosystems TaqPath real-time PCR master mixes deliver confidence and reliability for your most demanding molecular diagnostic development and testing needs. Application-specific formulations of TaqPath master mixes are available for qPCR and one-step RT-qPCR PCR using 5-prime nuclease assays in singleplex or multiplex format. Each reagent is manufactured and labeled in accordance with requirements for general-purpose reagents and is functionally tested to help ensure lot-to-lot reproducibility for Cq consistency and a wide dynamic range.

Primers and probes

The Thermo Fisher Scientific portfolio of custom fluorophores and quenchers offers unprecedented flexibility during assay development, while delivering the quality, performance, and reliability of gold-standard TaqMan chemistry. Our probes deliver outstanding signal-to-noise ratio and reproducibility, and they are synthesized using the same raw materials and manufacturing know-how as predesigned TaqMan assays, which are featured in over 300 patents and more than 40,000 publications. Leverage the expertise and flexibility of TaqMan probes when designing your next laboratory-developed test (LDT) or analyte-specific reagent (ASR).

qPCR plastic consumables

Applied Biosystems MicroAmp PCR plastics are designed and tested to work with the QuantStudio Dx family of real-time PCR systems for optimal fit and performance in a clinical environment. Engineered to reduce cross-contamination and promote optimal heat transfer, General Purpose Lab Equipment (GPLE) plastics are ideal for use in diagnostic procedures. MicroAmp GPLE reaction plates are certified in an ISO 13485-registered facility to be free of DNA, RNase, and PCR inhibitors.

Calibration and verification plates

To order calibration and verification plates for QuantStudio Dx instruments, contact your Customer Service Representative.