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Proven performance for clinical settings

The QuantStudio Dx family of real-time PCR systems is specifically designed to meet the needs of clinical laboratories that develop and run molecular diagnostic tests. Offering premium performance, these instruments deliver robust results, detecting down to 1.5-fold changes in target quantity in singleplex reactions and obtaining 10 logarithmic units of linear dynamic range. Backed by 10 years of clinical manufacturing experience, our interactive diagnostic instruments help simplify workflows and minimize training needs to maximize your laboratory’s productivity.

Smart functionality in a small footprint

With the Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 5 Dx Real-Time PCR System and  QuantStudio 7 Pro Dx Real-Time PCR System, smart and small go hand-in-hand. The compact size enables you to maximize lab space, while the interactive touchscreen allows operators of any experience level to use the system efficiently. Save time and reduce errors with touchscreens that enable easy editing of experimental conditions and plate layouts.


With standalone operational capabilities, the QuantStudio 7 Pro Dx system enables users to run end-to end workflows directly from the touchscreen without an attached computer. Smart features include voice commands, short run times of less than 30 minutes, seamless pre-run setup for defined assays, and intuitive post-run data analysis and reporting.

Powerful and flexible software

QuantStudio diagnostic systems include features to assist with regulatory requirements, including optional 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, and ensure proper electronic records retention and data archival. Each system includes a customizable Security, Auditing, and E-signature (SAE) module to enable diagnostic labs to maintain secure access to instruments, specify user access to various software functions, record all actions completed by users, and sign data electronically. The SAE module also offers the ability to run pre-optimized protocols for users operating in a secure environment.

Intuitive real-time PCR software for IVD systems provides the functionality, flexibility, and efficiency you need


Features and benefits

Instrument touchscreen

  • Instrument operations and maintenance
  • Sample-to-results workflow from setup to run results
  • Smart features: voice commands, Smart Support

Diomni software

  • Define and manage assay definition files (.ADF), which are a digital representation of all qPCR setup and analysis parameters needed for an assay/panel/test (ADF files are provided by individual test manufacturers)
  • Once ADF is installed on the instrument, user can start a run immediately after selecting the ADF file to use, i.e., which test to run, reducing amount of manual setup time on device and user errors
  • This web application will allow user access using a browser within the local network

SAE Admin Console Dx


  • Manage the user accounts, role permission, password policies, auditing, and e-signatures settings (21 CFR Part 11 compliance assistance)
  • Support centralized configuration

Instrument Connect mobile app (ICMA)

  • Connected user can monitor run status on mobile device

Maximized multiplexing capabilities

The QuantStudio 5 Dx and QuantStudio 7 Pro Dx systems feature a six-color, decoupled OptiFlex filter system with a bright white LED to enable flexible multiplexing capabilities. Multiplexing two or more unique targets in the same reaction well increases throughput, reduces sample usage, and reduces reagent usage by 50% or more. Engineer-calibratration during installation ensures optimal performance.

Optical channel information for QuantStudio 5 Dx and QuantStudio Pro Dx systems:









Excitation filter

470 ± 15 nm

520 ± 10 nm

550 ± 10 nm

580 ± 10 nm

640 ± 10 nm

662 ± 10 nm

Emission filter

520 ± 15 nm

558 ± 12 nm

586 ± 10 nm

623 ± 14 nm

682 ± 14 nm

711 ± 12 nm

Dye examples

FAM, SYBR, SYTO 9, MeltDoctor, fluorescein, PTS dye



ROX, Texas Red, JUN

LIZ, Cy5, Mustang Purple

Cy5.5, Alexa Fluor

VeriFlex heat blocks

Variable temperature control using VeriFlex Zone technology uses independent Peltier blocks to maintain multiple, discreet temperature zones on the real-time PCR instrument thermal block. VeriFlex zones enable you to precisely program an optimized annealing temperature for each primer-probe pair in a reaction plate, ensuring maximum qPCR efficiency and flexibility. QuantStudio 5 Dx and 7 Pro Dx real-time PCR systems include six VeriFlex temperature zones within the 96-well block.

Simplified device training and maintenance

To ensure you get up to speed quickly, our field application scientists (FASs) will provide hands-on training to show you how to maintain and run your new instrument. To maximize productivity and instrument uptime, you can choose from various service and support options that balance your budget, productivity, uptime, and regulatory requirements. Pioneering on-demand tools such as remote support using augmented-reality technology and instrument-driven technical support boost productivity and minimize downtime.

For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.