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Watch our learning series includes poster presentations, on-demand webinars (lectures) to receive firsthand knowledge of the latest technologies for protein gel electrophoresis and western blotting.

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Emily Halbrader

Detecting low abundant proteins in a western blot: Overcoming challenges for improved signal-to-noise of low expressing and precious sample targets

Presented by: Emily Halbrader, Product Manager, Protein and Cell Analysis
Date: November 5, 2019
Time: 7:00am PDT, 9:00am CST

Detection of low-abundance proteins and/or detection of proteins from precious samples can be a major challenge when performing western blotting. The abundance of the target may be low because the protein itself is expressed at low levels within the source or is difficult to extract (and thus recovery is low), the sample is limited (leaving a scarce overall volume available to load onto the gel), or because of a combination of multiple conditions. The outcome in such situations is often faint or undetectable band(s) during the imaging step, resulting in inconclusive data analysis. This can lead researchers to repeat the western blot and/or reoptimize the conditions, both of which waste time and resources. In this webinar, we will discuss specific methods from sample preparation through immunodetection that can help overcome challenges and improve signal to noise of low-abundance proteins for more successful western blot detection.

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