Did you know? A single ultra-low temperature (ULT) lab freezer can use as much as 14,000 kWh of energy per year—that’s as much as an average family home. And that’s just one piece of equipment. Whether it’s due to cold storage, instruments, or temperature-sensitive chemicals, labs consume a lot of energy. But there are ways to reduce your consumption: our energy efficient products help power your work and support your sustainability objectives without compromising performance.

Criteria for products that are energy efficient

We have rigorously evaluated products to ensure they meet at least one of the following standards.

For an instrument:

  • Operates with less energy than the prior generation
  • Sample temperature is not affected with decreased energy usage
  • Meets a publicly recognized standard for energy efficiency

For chemicals:

  • Reactions do not require external temperature control
  • Reagents designed for ambient storage

With this in mind, we've put together a list of energy efficient green solutions and "greenlight" our key products below.


Green Lab Solutions for Energy Efficiency



Proper sample storage is critical in the lab environment, but it can also be highly energy intensive. With Thermo Scientific ENERGY STAR–certified ULT freezers, you get performance, reliability, and efficiency, so you can go green and reduce costs, all while keeping your samples safe.


Greenlighting more products for Energy Efficiency



Gibco room temperature–stable reagents

Gibco room temperature–stable reagents

Improve your energy efficiency in the lab with a collection of media, supplements, and reagents that don’t require refrigeration. This will reduce dependency on cold storage, one of the primary sources of a lab’s energy consumption. Check out:

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Gibco Lab Armor Beads

Gibco Lab Armor Beads

Why maintain, empty, and refill a conventional water bath? Baths are better waterless. Substitute stagnant water with shiny beads and start saving energy:

  • Use up to 75% less energy than a conventional water bath
  • Get less fluctuation in temperature
  • Enjoy reusable beads that are easy to clean with 70% ethanol

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Navigate The Green Issue


Discover how we, along with our customers, are trying to make every day Earth Day. Learn about our pillars of sustainability, which includes: less waste, less hazardous, energy efficient and sustainable packaging.

One shared pursuit

Hear from Cristina Amorim, VP of EHS & Sustainability as she shares ways in which we're taking steps towards serving our customers in sustainable ways, including: 14 zero waste-certified facilities and a recent commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030.

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Sustainable packaging

Packaging design must consider how to protect the product and minimize impact on the environment. We’re started using 100% recyclable paper coolers for cold shipping and that’s only the beginning.

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Less hazardous

What does “less hazardous” really mean? Find out about how we evaluate less hazardous products and learn about the ACT label, an eco-nutrition label that helps you make greener choices for the lab.

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Less waste

We have criteria for what “less waste” means, and it’s more than reducing what gets sent to landfills. Find out how we evaluate minimizing waste in the lab.

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Are you “thinking green” already? Share your story while learning about other environmentally conscious researchers. Let's celebrate every step along our green journey together.

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