GlutaMAX media works better than L-glutamine

GlutaMAX keeps your cells healthier longer

Gibco GlutaMAX media is our standard, trusted cell culture media that contains a stabilized form of L-glutamine, L-alanyl-L-glutamine, preventing degradation and ammonia build-up even during long-term cultures.  

Extremely stable in aqueous solution, the L-alanyl-L-glutamine dipeptide will not degrade into ammonia during storage or incubation like L-glutamine.

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Choose from a variety of formulations

We offer many widely used formulations in which the GlutaMAX dipeptide substitutes for L-glutamine. They include D-MEM, MEM, RPMI, Opti-MEM and others. You can also purchase the GlutaMAX dipeptide as a stand-alone supplement.  Use the 200 mM solution GlutaMAX-I supplement as a direct substitute for L-glutamine at equimolar concentrations in your current cell culture media formulation.

The standalone GlutaMAX supplement is stable at room temperature meaning freeze thaw cycles can be avoided and reducing the risk of culture contamination from frequent liquid handling steps.

NOTE:  This supplement is suitable for mammalian cell cultures. It is not recommended for insect cell cultures.