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Laboratory-produced, purified proteins serve as key tools for countless research endeavors. We offer an expansive portfolio of recombinant proteins for a variety of applications, including cell growth and differentiation, cell signaling, and studies involving disease onset and progression. Our high quality Gibco and Invitrogen recombinant proteins provide significant value and breadth of selection.

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Wnt surrogate-FC fusion

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The Gibco Wnt Surrogate-Fc Fusion Protein activates similar Wnt signaling pathways as most commercially available recombinant Wnt3a proteins or Wnt-conditioned media, while requiring a fraction of the amount of protein or hassle.

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Heat-stable technology

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Gibco Heat Stable Recombinant Human Proteins have been engineered for greater stability in cell culture conditions. Get superior performance and retain bioactivity without artificially high concentrations. 

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Recombinant proteins for SARS-CoV-2 research

Growth factors and cytokines

Growth factors and cytokines are the unique cell signaling molecules that play important roles in cell proliferation and development. It's a fact that cell cultures can greatly benefit from the use of pure, high quality proteins.

To help ensure our products are of the highest quality, we've designed Gibco growth factors & cytokines with:

  • High biological activity—more results with less protein
  • High purity—minimized interference from proteins or other contaminants
  • Proven compatibility—Gibco proteins bioassayed with Gibco media

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Additional recombinant proteins

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