My First Breakthrough

Celebrating the Defining Moments in a Scientist’s Career

Thermo Fisher Scientific has proudly supported scientific breakthroughs for decades, providing essential products that have helped many researchers first discover their love of the sciences. Today, we’re celebrating the first breakthroughs that led scientists to where they are today, starting with our very own employees at Thermo Fisher. Read their inspirational stories below: 

Dan Dwyer

New Product Development Technical Manager

Elise Martin

New Product Development Technical Manager

Francis Peters

Staff Scientist, Molecular Biology

Karen Clyde

New Product Development Technical Manager

Hannah Saunders

Scientist III, Molecular Biology

Keith Whittlinger

New Product Development Technical Manager

Do You Remember Your First Scientific Breakthrough?

Did your first breakthrough come while preparing for your middle or high school science fair? Or maybe it happened by accident, while you were experimenting with new samples and reagents. Whatever the case may be, these are often the moments that shape careers, and we want to hear about them.

Tell us about your first breakthrough and get a pair of labware socks in return!

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Breaking Down a Breakthrough: Your Lab Essentials Check List

Sometimes, you have to go back to the basics. Behind every great discovery…is a great scientist. But behind them, are the fundamental tools and lab products that move mixtures, safeguard samples, and make just about everything we do in the lab possible. It’s these little steps that lead to big advancements.

Before you embark on your next experiment, consult our checklist to be sure you’ve got the trusty lab essentials you need to uncover that next great discovery.

Exceptional design to prevent muscle strain or tendon swelling.

Large variety of options and sizes and various solutions for temperature and measurement needs.


Our laboratory refrigerators are designed specifically to protect precious biological samples. With precise temperature monitoring, they are ideal for storing vaccines, blood, reagents and other temperature-sensitive items. 

Engineered to maintain sample integrity with robust storage and tracking solutions
Engineered to maintain sample integrity with robust storage and tracking solutions

Our laboratory freezers feature advanced control systems and alarms, making them ideal for critical life sciences, clinical and industrial applications. 

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