Specimen-to-report NGS automation in a single day

Experience in-house NGS redefined

To bring next-generation sequencing (NGS) in-house, you need a solution that is truly easy to implement and easy to use, a solution that can help you surmount the current barriers and redefine in-house NGS.

Imagine what you could achieve with a specimen-to-report NGS solution that delivers answers in a single day, cost-effectively runs even small batches, and can access all relevant biomarkers.

Better yet, experience it yourself.

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System highlights


Unprecedented specimen-to-report automation and ease of use—just 10 minutes of hands-on time and two user touch points


Single-day turnaround time from biological specimen to report



Ability to analyze individual samples cost-effectively, reducing your need for batching and empowering you to deliver results faster than ever

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Ion Torrent Genexus System

Go from specimen to report in a single day with a hands-off, automated workflow

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Oncomine solution for precision oncology

Provide a comprehensive genomic profile at a speed never possible before.

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Video: Accessibility to in-house NGS

Dr. Jose Costa discusses current challenges with in-house NGS and how that all changes now

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"Compared to the other systems that we have routinely working in the lab, [the Genexus System] cuts the [sample to result turnaround] time into half."

—Jose Luis Costa, IPATIMUP, Portugal

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