Stop the madness—Countess Automated Cell Counter

Put an end to tedious and time-wasting manual cell counting

The cost of consumables for automated cell counters is a common reason people manually count cells with a hemocytometer, even though it can be:

  • Tedious
  • Time consuming
  • Highly variable from user to user
  • Responsible for driving scientists to the breaking point

With a reusable slide, almost any lab can now afford to put an end to manual cell counting.

Cell counting options

Tools to convince your lab to give up manual cell counting


No more excuses for counting cells manually

Now that there is a cell counter with a reusable slide, it is surprisingly affordable to ditch your clicker – see how

Graphical equation showing Countess 3 instrument plus reusable slide equals an end to manual counting.

Convince your lab to purchase a Countess 3 or 3 FL Automated Cell Counter

  1. Download and circulate petition
  2. Download and customize prewritten letter
  3. Download the importance of cell counting accuracy and precision white paper
  4. Submit request to PI or lab manager
  5. Ditch your clicker and celebrate
Countess 3 and 3 FL with reusable slide
Three documents fanned out to display.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.