Your Account Dashboard consolidates order-related information, access to key documents, and personalized shopping tools to facilitate your buying experience.

Save time by making  your Account Dashboard your “go to” for information on orders and favorite shopping tools.

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Account dashboard capabilities

Example of the recent orders page on an account dashboard

Browse and search recent orders

Find a summary of your ten most recent orders sorted by order date or by most recently updated status, including a quick summary of the number of items that have shipped. You can also quickly locate specific items in your order history by using the search bar.

Track your shipments

Screenshot of the track shipment button on the account dashboard

Track your shipment delivery dates

Easily access order details to view the expected arrival date(s) and access the shipment tracking details for an order.




Access quotes

Example of how all your recent quotes are listed online

Access quotes

You can view a quote, download a copy, share a quote with a colleague, or place orders using a quote online. When you share a quote, your colleague can then view and place orders using the shared quote from within their account.


Shared shopping lists

Screenshot of the shopping tools available on your account dashboard

Shared shopping lists

Use Shared Lists to keep products close at hand and to invite others to view, add to, and place orders. Use the Saved Cart feature to keep items until you make a purchase. You can save multiple shopping carts, and merge or transfer carts.