Media and process development is complex and may include significant time to accomplish.

  • Speed to market
  • Lot-to-lot variability
  • Lack of platform media and process
  • Complex media formulations and fed-batch processes
  • Ability of conventional vessels to accommodate throughput, efficiency and scalability

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A Custom Approach to Process Development Challenges

We recognize that all bioprocess systems are unique. Gibco® Bioproduction Services utilizes a custom Design of Experiment (DoE) approach which leverages a variety of high throughput tools such as SimCell and ClonePix to accelerate process and cell line development. By working with us,  you obtain access to Gibco® media prototypes and our media design philosophy.  

Below is a sample of case studes that demonstrate our expertise.


Rapid Creation of Platform Fed-batch Process Using a High Throughput System (to be uploaded - - same file name, _CCE XII.pdf)CCE2010
Highly Efficient Chemically-defined Fed-batch Process for Antibody Production Developed Using the SimCell® Technology (Co-publication poster for BPI 2010 8Sep2010.pdf) 

Rapid Fed-batch Process Development in SimCell™ (to be uploaded - Rapid Fed-batch Process Development in SimCell-ESACT2009.pdf)ESACT2009
Integrated Basal and Feed Media Development Using HT SimCell™ Technology (to be uploaded - ACS 2010 SimCell poster.pdf)ACS
Cell Line Stability: It’s in the Eye of the Beholder (to be uploaded - PEGs rProtein CLD Stablility Oct 2009)PEGS2010

Process Optimization Services

Our PD-Direct® process development team will evolve bench scale operations into consistent and well-characterized manufacturing processes in a manner that best meets your goals. We can provide unique solutions to enhance your manufacturing processes, ranging from vector construction through to media and cell line optimization, to process characterization and scale-up for manufacturing.