The Gibco BioProduction Services team brings decades of experience in solving customer’s upstream pain points and delivering results. Having a robust upstream program from vector development through media development and process development can make for smoother downstream processing, thereby helping to shorten your time to market and saving you costs. The Gibco services team has worked with leading biopharmaceutical companies, governments and universities around the world providing insight and delivering results.

Global presence

Our global presence includes North America; the United States, Canada. Europe, China, APAC, and Latin America.


Our extended global Field Application Scientists have all been trained in biopharmaceutical processes and the use and applications of all Gibco products and services. Many have actually trained and worked in process development for major biopharmaceutical manufacturers. They possess expertise in cell culture development, process characterization and scale-up, process troubleshooting, business analytics, cell culture production, product development and process optimizations and technology transfer.

Global Business Development Managers have extensive experience in customizing project agreements with customers to deliver complete statements of work, service agreements, and supply agreements.  They leverage their extensive knowledge of biotech business modeling and life science investment evaluation to craft agreements that are mutually beneficial. Our Global Business Development Managers will assist you with getting your project initiated quickly.

Our Gibco BioProduction R&D Scientists bring many decades of experience to your project. They understand the importance of meeting your development needs today, while also building an effective framework that enables future manufacturing success. Our scientists will partner with you using expertise and innovation to help you meet your goals. We are equipped to support a wide range of biological platforms, including antibodies, viruses, recombinant proteins and cell therapies, and have worked with a variety of mammalian and insect cell types, including CHO-S, DG44, GS-CHO, CHO-K1, DuxB11, HEK 293, VERO, NSO, Sf9 and Sf21, Myeloma, and T-cells.   

Gibco BioProduction Services is committed to effective project management.  To ensure this, we invest in training our project managers to be PMP® Certified. We adhere to the highest standards of project management best practices established by the Project Management Institute (PMI). Our project managers manage project scope, mitigate project risk, manage timelines and meetings, capture key decisions and action items and confirm their closure. These are just a few of the attributes of our project management process.  

Benefits of project management

Efficient delivery of services

We utilize internationally recognized best practices that help to lead to successful project outcomes.

Customer satisfaction

We are dedicated to building trust and credibility.  Repeat business as a result of effective project management is one of our key objectives.


We tailor our project management process to fit your needs.

Quality management

We conduct risk assessments and mitigate risk prior to initiating each phase of the workflow and we continually measure the effectiveness of the mitigation plans. 

Commitment to protect client identity and IP

We assign project codes and utilization of controlled study binders.

Traceability of client materials

We extensively document all aspects of client material transfer.

Robust timeline management

We manage timeline, scope and budget, and utilize study plans, risk assessments and up-to-date training.


Bioprocessing resources

Access a targeted collection of scientific application notes, case studies, posters, white papers and more for bioprocessing: