Large-scale manufacturing for clinical or commercial applications

Benefit from a competitive turnaround, exceptional quality, and a capacity to meet any scale of production with our Thermo Fisher Scientific world-class validated Gibco cGMP Media Manufacturing Services.

Your formulation combined with our expertise and economy of scale is an unbeatable collaboration. Scale up faster with consistent quality and supply, access to leading analytics options, and format flexibility—all while maintaining confidentiality and protection of your intellectual property (IP). Let us help to streamline the manufacture of your proprietary media formulation.

Benefits of scaling up with Gibco media:

With global manufacturing redundancy, large capacity, harmonized facilities and dual material sourcing, we can support your needs—wherever you are and whatever they are. We support a wide range of platforms, formats, and scales.

Our multi-site redundancy provides assurance of supply while allowing for lead time targets to help you maintain consistent production. Superior process expertise is provided by our R&D and Bioproduction Application Specialists and a single point-of-contact for project-related needs can simplify your journey.

Our cGMP Media Manufacturing Services also feature:

  • Mammalian or microbial platform compatibility
  • Multiple formats available (liquid, liquid concentrates, dry powder media (DPM) and our proprietary Advanced Granulation Technology (AGT) )
  • Both pin mill and FitzMill™ capabilities
  • Unique add-mix capability that utilizes liquid media concentrates (LMC) to produce up to 30,000 L batches of liquid media
  • Customization options—including packaging and QC testing
  • Extensive process development knowledge to help ensure right first time
  • Secondary and tertiary sourcing of most raw materials, with multi-site redundancy
  • Short, 12–16 week, lead time target, with competitive pricing and best-in-class service

Media formats available

Media format

Batch sizes**

Liquid media (1x)

10 to 10,000 L

Dry powder media*

10 to 10,000 kg

Advanced Granulation Technology (AGT)

50 to 1,000 kg

*Based on bulk density/production suite. Manufacturing site dependent.
**Sizes can be customized to meet your needs

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