Measure up to 5 thermal cyclers in your lab at once or send in your instrument(s) for an off-site measurement

Multiplex Dynamic Temperature Verification (MDTV) Services are designed to deliver fast, accurate temperature readings of your PCR unit. These valuable services are available for Applied  Biosystems™ instruments, so you can measure temperatures of all your PCR units with the convenience of one service provider.

MDTV Services help you:

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What MDTV Services can do for your lab

Gain more confidence

These services give you peace of mind that your PCR system is running accurately, to include:

  • Comprehensive measurement of parameters
  • Increased data sampling resolution—3 samples per second for 5 accuracy set points
  • Minimized environmental airflow distortion—the test is performed with a closed heated cover, just like a cycle run
  • Traced to national and international standards
  • Comprehensive report that helps meet accreditation requirements and enables better compliance management. Download sample report here ›

Save time

Measure up to 5 PCR systems onsite at the same time in less than 1 hour using our 9-channel unit with rapid data collection

Save money

Your lab can potentially save thousands of dollars. MDTV service:

  • Helps prevent reagent and sample loss during downstream applications
  • Can reduce your temperature verification expenses by 50%
  • Realize additional cost savings with our exclusive end-to-end service solutions

More service options

We offer MDTV service as an add-on to your service plan, or as a standalone service to supplement your in-house capabilities. You can choose between:

  • Send your instrument to us—with the off-site option, there is no longer a minimum instrument requirement. You receive the same measurement service but have the option to send in a single instrument to our Repair Center.
  • We come to you—a Field Service Engineer (FSE) will come onsite to measure the temperatures of up to 5 thermal cyclers at once. This will take less than 1 hour and is the preferred option if you have a fleet of instruments.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.