The AB Ascend instrument service plan for biopharma labs* comes with specialized support from Field Application Scientist (FAS), dedicated 24/5 access to priority support, and qualification services.


When it comes to protection of pharmaceutical and biotech research progress, trusted support is paramount. Navigate the unanticipated with ease with our superior services, remote tools, training, and OEM expertise that we've spent over 40 years curating. AB Ascend plan, our premium instrument service plan for biopharma laboratories, is designed to help you minimize instrument downtime and bring simplicity to your compliance concerns so you can focus on where it needs to be: making a positive impact for generations to come.


We are committed to help you go above and beyond. The AB Ascend plan's main features include access to specialized support from our certified FAS, dedicated 24-hour access to priority support (5 working days/week), and qualification services. These service and support features are designed to maximize the utility of your Applied Biosystems instruments while supporting regulatory and industry compliance.


The AB Ascend plan is our top tier total solution designed to provide a tailored experience and seamless issue resolution. This plan is an ideal option for biopharma research laboratories that want exceptional service and support to develop and produce therapeutics.


Keep conquering disease. We've got your back. We will take extra steps so you can focus on bringing novel therapeutics.

AB Ascend Plan includes


Comprehensive scientific support—enhance proficiency with consultation and support from our certified Field Application Scientist**


Dedicated priority support—gain 24-hour access (5 working days/week) to a certified technical application scientist via phone or email***

Qualification service—support alignment with regulatory and industry requirements (once/year and after repair)

Priority response time†—receive same-day access to remote hardware support and 2-day on-site field service engineer support††


Software updates—achieve efficiency with optional software enhancements

Planned maintenance—optimize instrument performance (once/year)


Full repair coverage—experience peace of mind with included parts and labor for all repairs

The AB Ascend plan is available globally.**** Below is the list of regions that support Priority Technical Support.
  • North America: United States, Canada
  • Europe: United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Finland
  • India/Pacific: Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, India

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*AB Ascend instrument service plan provides 24-hour access (5 working days/week) to priority technical support, excluding regional holidays. Priority technical support is subject to regional availability per the list above.
**FAS support available upon request. Virtual application support is available for up to 6 requests (not exceeding 20 hours) during the plan period, including software retraining, troubleshooting, and consultation, with the option to purchase custom-tailored onsite and remote trainings if needed.

***Priority technical support is available in English language only and is subject to regional availability.
****AB Ascend plan's global availability is subject to that of Thermo Fisher Scientific.

2–3 business days response, based on zones.​
†† Rapid-response on-site support is subject to regional availability.