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There’s no time for downtime in your lab. Built on more than 35 years of service expertise, our superior services and support solutions for Applied Biosystems, Invitrogen, and Ion Torrent instruments and applications help keep your lab up and running. More than 1,000 trained professionals make up the industry’s largest network, ready to assist you when you need it. And smart features such as remote instrument services help keep you productive and focused on making the next discovery.

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Science can’t wait on instrument downtime
Keep your instruments up and running with superior services and support plans

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Science can’t wait on noncompliant instruments
Get documentation of instrument compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements

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Launching new molecular tests can’t wait
Accelerate and streamline your validation process with technical project management of your lab’s analytical validation

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Because learning can’t wait
Gain new skills and experience to help you advance science and your career

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Science can’t wait on lost data
Secure your lab’s precious data year after year without taxing your lab’s resources

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Meet a few of our 1,200+ network of specialists and find out how our Service and Support heroes are helping researchers in their quest to change the world.

Customize service coverage for your Applied Biosystems, Invitrogen or Ion Torrent instrument based on your lab’s budget and needs - with the new Service Selection Tool it's as easy as 1-2-3.

We’re constantly looking ahead so your lab never falls behind. Learn more about our on-demand tools and capabilities to help keep your instruments and your lab running smoothly. Includes remote support using augmented reality technology, instrument-driven support, and on-demand instrument training.

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