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Danielle Wells

Field Service Engineer

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Danielle Wells, MLS, ASCP CM, is a Field Service Engineer (FSE) serving Thermo Fisher customers in the Eastern United States. She received her Bachelor of Science in clinical laboratory science from Winston Salem State University and a master of science Health Services Administration from Strayer University. She worked as a Supervisor in Molecular Infectious Disease and as a Generalist Medical Lab Scientist before joining Thermo Fisher in 2021. In a short time, Danielle has proven a technically skilled and dedicated field service engineer (FSE) who is highly valued by customers.


In fact, Shadia Rath, supervisor of the laboratory at Danielle’s very first account for Thermo Fisher, the North Carolina Department of Health, says that they could not have managed a recent major laboratory renovation without her.


Download the case study to read our interview with Shadia, who was Danielle’s key point of contact for coordinating the move. Find out why Shadia considers Danielle the most impressive FSE she has ever worked with, and how she went above and beyond for the lab, coordinating every aspect of the move, from relocating instruments to conducting qualifications and generating reports required for compliance. You’ll discover why Danielle is truly deserving of the honor she has received as this month’s Thermo Fisher Services and Support Guardian of Your Science.

Above and beyond any engineer I’ve ever worked with, Danielle is so willing to help; when we text her randomly with a problem, she will call, FaceTime or email us, or send us a colleague to act on a case until they can reassign it to her. Honestly, I don’t know if our instruments would be functioning if it weren’t for the service that we get from her and her colleagues.

Shadia Rath, M.S.

Supervisor, Molecular Diagnostic and Epidemiology Laboratory Unit

Division of Public Health, State Laboratory of Public Health

NC Department of Health and Human Services

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