Automate Cells-to-CT™ Kits for High Throughput Expression Analysis - TechNotes 16(1)
Applied Biosystems scientists demonstrate the ease with which the Cells-to-CT methodology can be automated for high throughput gene expression analysis.

Low and High Throughput RNA Isolation from Tissues, Cell-free Samples, and Blood - TechNotes 13(2) Description: Ambion's family of MagMAX™ RNA Isolation Kits are designed to provide you with research solutions for low and high throughput nucleic acid isolation from diverse samples.

Magnetic Bead-based Viral RNA Isolation from Diverse Biological Samples - TechNotes 13(2)

Description: Ambion's MagMAX™ technology has been used successfully for viral RNA/DNA purification from a variety of animal tissues, as well as from blood, serum, plasma, milk, swabs, and feces.

MessageAmp™ II-96High Throughput aRNA Amplification - TechNotes 12(1)
: An overview (with sample data) of Ambion's new MessageAmp™ II-96 aRNA Amplification Kit.

RNAi for High Throughput Analysis - TechNotes 9(5)
Description: Use MEGAscript and MEGAclear for the synthesis and purification of high quality RNA from a large number of samples