How to use the account dashboard

Your Account Dashboard consolidates order-related information, access to key documents, and personalized shopping tools to facilitate your buying experience.

Using your account dashboard

Browse and search recent orders

Find a summary of your ten most recent orders, including the number of items that have shipped. Filter your orders by status and quickly locate specific items in your order history by using the search bar.

Track your shipments and expected delivery dates

Open the Order Details view for easy access to expected shipping and delivery date(s) for your products, including shipment tracking.

If you are juggling multiple orders, quickly jump between orders using the order details toggle to access delivery dates, documents, and invoices.

View scheduled deliveries via delivery calendar

View expected or completed delivery dates for your orders in a calendar view of your order history. Shipment tracking details are just one click away.

Centralized access to order and product documents

Accessing your product documents

Open your order details view and use the Product Documents menu to enjoy centralized access to all product documents for the items that you have ordered including manuals, certificates, safety data sheets, protocols, and more.

Accessing your invoices

Request your invoice from Recent Orders or Order History by opening the Order Details view. Select Request Invoice, provide your email information, and your invoice will be emailed to you and up to two additional recipients.

Accessing order dispatch notes

Within your Order Details view, follow the same process to recieve your dispatch notes by providing your email information. Dispatch notes will be emailed to you and up to two additional recipients.

Personalized shopping and reordering tools

Access quotes

You can view a quote, download a copy, or share a quote with a colleague. When you share a quote, your colleague can then view quotes from within their account.

Product design tools and configurators

To help you save time we’ve assembled the most popular shopping tools in your Account Dashboard. You can filter tools and configurators by category, popularity, and favorites.

Shopping tools

Save products for viewing, collaborating, and purchasing later using Shared Lists. You can invite others view, add items and place orders on your shared list by email. Your invitee will then be able to access your list from their own online account for collaboration purposes.

Saved carts

Items in your cart will be saved until you make a purchase. You can save multiple shopping carts, merge or transfer carts via Manage saved carts feature.

Update profile information

Contact information

Your mailing address is where we'll send confirmation letters, literature, and other communications. Changes made here will not affect your shipping address.

Shipping and billing address

Updates to existing shipping and billing addresses are limited to the “attention to”, and the “department or lab.” In order to update the actual street address, select request a new shipping or billing address.

Update shipping or billing address

Step 1

In order to update the shipping or billing address select request new shipping and billing addresses.

Step 2

Choose billing or shipping

Step 3

Input the desired address and select continue. Please allow up to 2 business days for our customer care team to implement your new address before we can process orders associated with it. In the meantime, your address will be displayed as 'Pending' and you will receive a confirmation when complete.

Login and security

Select change password to update your password. Include your current password and then enter in the new password in new password and confirm new password.

Email preferences

Add up to 3 additional email addresses to receive selected emails. These include order confirmations, shipping confirmation, copies of invoice receipts and delivery confirmational emails.

Payment methods

Add or update PO numbers, as well as credit card information that can be saved in your account by selecting Manage Payment Methods.