Envision and create new assays for the Qubit Fluorometer

Envision and create new assays for the Qubit Fluorometer

MyQubit brings your favorite fluorescence assays right to your benchtop, providing a reliable platform for many quantitation needs—from laboratory research and quality control to process monitoring and beyond. Any reagent or assay that is spectrally compatible with the Qubit hardware can be adapted for use with the Invitrogen Qubit Fluorometer.

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Ready-to-transfer Qubit assays

In addition to the assays available on the factory-configured instrument, we've developed new assays to enable you to extend the capabilities of your Qubit 2.0, 3.0 and 4 Fluorometer models. Just transfer the .qbt file for the assay you're interested in to your Qubit instrument using a USB drive.

MyQubit downloads

  Qubit 3.0 and 4 Qubit 2.0* Upload instructions
1X dsDNA Assay .qbt file .qbt file 1X dsDNA HS Assay manual
XR RNA Assay .qbt file .qbt file RNA XR Assay manual
MicroRNA Assay Preloaded .qbt file MicroRNA manual
Amplex Red Cholesterol Assay .qbt file .qbt file Amplex Cholesterol Assay manual
Amplex Red Galactose Assay .qbt file .qbt file Amplex Red Galactose Assay manual
Amplex Glucose Assay .qbt file .qbt file Amplex Glucose Assay manual
Amplex Red Glutamic Acid Assay .qbt file .qbt file Amplex Red Glutamic Acid Assay manual
Amplex Red Peroxide Assay .qbt file .qbt file Amplex Red Peroxide Assay manual
Amplex Red Sucrose Assay .qbt file .qbt file Amplex Red Sucrose Assay manual
NOTE: To download the .qbt file, right-click and choose 'Save As'. Consult the PDF file for instructions on how to upload the .qbt file to your Qubit fluorometer.
* Qubit 2.0 Fluorometer requires a USB flash drive of 2 GB or less to transfer MyQubit files.

Create new Qubit assays

MyQubit allows you to create new assays for the Qubit Fluorometer in minutes using parameters that can easily be uploaded to the instrument using a USB drive, without changing the existing assays. 

Use MyQubit to create an assay for your model of Qubit Fluorometer:


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