Innovative science requires versatile tools. Invitrogen provides researchers with just such a tool—Qdot® nanocrystals with varied surface chemistries. These products provide the highest degree of flexibility in nanocrystal-based experimental design, offering:
  • Eight distinct, photostable colors
  • Multiple surface functionalities for unique conjugations
  • An excellent scaffold for introducing multiple functions
  • Broad possibilities for FRET-based applications

Qdot® Innovator's Tool Kit ITK Nanocrystals

Qdot® Innovator's Tool Kit ITK™ nanocrystals enable researchers to achieve custom Qdot® nanocrystal labeling of nearly any material of interest. Qdot® ITK™ nanocrystals are available with three different surface chemistries—carboxyl groups, amino groups, or organic-soluble groups—for extremely versatile labeling options. These materials provide a remarkable platform for the development of nanocrystal-based assays; for example, they allow researchers to modify Qdot® nanocrystals in a controlled stoichiometric fashion, and to experiment with any number of functional surface modifications. The customizable surface of Qdot® ITK™ nanocrystals should prove particularly useful in the preparation of probes with multiple surface functionalities for powerful, data-rich assays.

Qdot Innovator's Tool Kit ITK Nanocrystals
Qdot® ITK™ amino (PEG) nanocrystals can be coupled by a wide variety of standard amine-reactive crosslinking chemistries (top). Qdot® ITK™ carboxyl nanocrystals can be coupled using standard EDC (carbodiimide) activation and coupling chemistries (bottom).

Learn More About Qdot® Nanocrystal Technology

Qdot® products combine the revolutionary fluorescence performance inherent in the nanocrystal structure with a highly customizable surface for directing the bioactivity of Qdot® nanocrystals or for conjugating them to a wide range of molecules of interest. Qdot® nanocrystals represent a truly enabling "nanotechnology"—the many benefits they bring to fluorescence methodology include:

  • Long-term photostability for live-cell imaging and dynamics studies
  • Fixability for follow-up immunofluorescence from in vivo studies
  • Archivability for permanent sample storage in pathology
  • Brilliant colors for simple, single-excitation source, multicolor analysis


注1)アミノ基が付加されたQdot® 粒子に関して、その表面に分子量2000のPEGスペーサーが共有結合しています。このグループの末端にアミノ基が存在し、高濃度の塩が含まれる溶液中でも安定した状態であります。一方、カルボキシル基で修飾されたQdot® 粒子は、このPEGのスペーサーを含まず、高濃度の塩が含まれる溶液中では凝集する可能性があります。これらの2種類のQdot® 粒子は、標識させる場合、低濃度の塩溶液中で行ってください。アプリケーション・テストでは、0.1%あるいはそれ以上のタンパク質濃度溶液中で行うと、良好な結果が得られています。注
2)全てのQdot®及びQtracker® には毒物及び劇物取締法の毒物に該当するセレン化合物が含まれており、また廃棄物処理法等による規制対象であるカドミウムも含まれています。取り扱い、保管、廃棄等にはご注意下さい。