Qdot® probes represent a truly enabling nanotechnology and offer revolutionary fluorescence performance including:

  • Long-term photostability for live-cell imaging and dynamics studies
  • Brilliant colors for simple, single-excitation multicolor analysis
  • Fixability for follow-up immunofluorescence after in vivo studies
  • Narrow, symmetrical emission spectra for low interchannel crosstalk

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Qdot® Nanocrystal Applications

Qdot® nanocrystals and bioconjugates are ideal for experiments requiring long-term photostability or single-excitation, multicolor analysis.

Qdot® Probe Structure

Fundamentally, Qdot® probes are fluorophores—substances that absorb photons of light, then re-emit photons at a different wavelength.

Relative Size and Tuneability

There is a predictable relationship between the physical size of the quantum dot and the wavelength of emitted fluorescence. This property has been referred to as "tuneability", and is being widely exploited in the development of multicolor assays.