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Expi293™ Expression System Kit

Catalog number:  A14635

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The Expi293 Expression System is a complete solution for rapid, high-yield protein production from mammalian 293 cells. It is based on integrated components including high-density Expi293F cells in Expi293 Expression Medium and the cationic lipid-based ExpiFectamine 293 transfection reagent in combination with specialized transfection enhancers.

The Expi293 Expression System features:
• Up to 1 g/L of protein; 2- to 10-fold higher protein yields than previous generation transient expression systems such as the FreeStyle 293 Expression System
• Rapid production of recombinant proteins in 5–7 days
• High density cultures of Expi293F cells that result in more expressing cells per milliliter of culture
• Native folding and mammalian post-translational modifications of expressed proteins
• Easy, robust culture and transfection protocols
• Scalable expression from <1 mL to >10 L

The components included in the Expi293 Expression System Kit are: two vials of frozen Expi293F cells, one liter of Expi293 Expression Medium, one ExpiFectamine 293 Transfection kit sufficient to transfect 1 liter of culture, Opti-MEM I Reduced Serum Medium, and an antibody-expressing positive control vector. All components of the Expi293 Expression System are also available for individual purchase.

Engineered Expi293F cell lines for a range of applications are also available for individual purchase or as part of kits: Expi293F GnTI- Cells (Cat. No. A39240). Expi293F Inducible Cells (Cat. No. A39241), and Expi293F Inducible GnTI- Cells (Cat. No. A39242).

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


No. of Reactions: 33 Reactions
Yield: mg to g quantities of protein
Promoter: CMV
Delivery Type: Transfection
Cell Line: Expi293F™
Expression System: Mammalian
Expression Stability: Transient
Key Functions: Protein Production, Constitutive Expression
Protein Tag: Untagged
System Type: Expi293™ Expression System
Product Line: Expi293™

Contents & storage

2 vials frozen Expi293F cells
1 bottle 1000 mL Expi293 Expression Medium
1 ExpiFectamine 293 transfection kit for 1 L of culture
1 vial Antibody Expressing Positive Control Vector
1 bottle 100 mL Opti-MEM Reduced Serum Medium

Store all components at +2°C to +8°C, except frozen cells are stored in liquid nitrogen