Jul 16, 2023 - Jul 19, 2023
Metro Toronto Convention, Toronto, Ontario
IAFP 2023 event
The IAFP Annual Meeting is attended by more than 3,800 of the top industry, academic and governmental food safety professionals from six continents. This renowned event owes its reputation and success to the quantity, quality, and diversity of each year’s program; the quality and relevance of exhibits sharing the latest in available technologies; leading experts speaking on a variety of timely topics; and special recognition of outstanding professionals and students for their contributions in the food safety field.
We exhibited at booth #603

What we exhibited:

SureTect System

Visibly simple pathogen testing

See the latest upgrades to the Thermo Scientific™ SureTect™ PCR System for food pathogen detection – simple workflows designed to get results. See how we’ve introduced color and new tools to make the workflow even simpler.


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Listeria Precis

More accurate Listeria Testing

Isolate, enumerate and identify Listeria species and L. monocytogenes in foods and environmental samples with the Thermo Scientific™ Listeria Precis™ Detection and Listeria Precis Enumeration Methods. The Listeria Precis Methods deliver up to one third faster time to result and dramatically simplified workflows for streamlined laboratory operations.

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Check out our poster presentations

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ISO 16140-2:2016 extension study for a Cronobacter spp. PCR Assay to include upto 375 g powdered infant formula, infant cereals and related ingredient matrices
Evaluation of a PCR workflow for the detection of Salmonella from pooled chocolate ingredients
A case study of Salmonella quantitation and serotyping in complex poultry production samples
Validation of a rapid culture media workflow according to ISO 16140-2:2016 for the detection of Cronobacter species from selected matrices
AOAC PTM Extension Study to Validate the Thermo Scientific SureCount Multiplex Salmonella PCR Kit method for a Quantitation Principle
Rapid Detection Method to Identify Salmonella Infantis in Food Samples 
Method modification of the Listeria detection and enumeration methods in accordance with ISO 16140-2:2016
Salmonella species PCR Assay method ISO 16140-2:2016 matrix extensions
Performance Equivalency and Stability Analysis of Handling Improvements of the Thermo Scientific SureTect PCR Workflow
Automated Sample Preparation for Thermo Scientific SureTect PCR Assay workflows

Read about some of the great benefits of the SureTect PCR System in our SmartNotes and Study Reports below

The benefit of speed without added complexity

The benefit of speed without added complexity

Every business is unique, but all share a common aim - to increase productivity without compromising on safety. Faster pathogen testing results may support the business’ productivity objectives but this can increase test complexity for laboratory staff.

Read why the Thermo Scientific™ SureTect™ PCR System could be the answer to your productivity challenges.

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Future-proof your lab’s PCR testing capability

Future-proof your lab’s PCR testing capability

In a dynamic world, you need flexible, future-proof solutions.

Read our SmartNotes to learn how Thermo Fisher can help you meet your current and future PCR testing needs, whatever they might be.

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