Business Development & In-Licensing Areas of Interest
Our business development and in-licensing teams are actively seeking external technologies and products for development and commercialization in many areas, including those shown below.



  • Cell culture yield and quality improvements
  • Media and bioprocessing for cell therapy applications
  • Single-use technologies
Cell analysis

Cell analysis

  • Cell sorting and flow cytometry
  • Fluorescent probes for live cell imaging
Cell biology

Cell biology

  • Cell culture media and tools
  • Protein expression reagents 
  • Next-generation transfection approaches 
  • Stem cell and cell therapy workflow reagents and tools
  • Tools and technologies to enable for physiologically relevant cell models
Food safety & animal health

Food safety & animal health

  • Multiplex-based detection platforms (ELISA and PCR) 
  • Field detection of pathogens for production animals (veterinary diagnostics)
  • Instruments and reagents for detection of foodborne pathogens 


  • New immunoassay formats
  • Clinical immunoassays for detection of sepsis, autoimmunity, and allergy disorders
  • Antibodies to emerging targets

Molecular diagnostics

  • Cancer, inherited disease, and transplant diagnostics
  • Sensitive, high-multiplex mutation detection assays
  • Alcohol and drug abuse
  • Clinical grade annotation and informatics tools

Next-generation sequencing

  • Research sequencing applications
  • Clinical diagnostic sequencing applications
  • Novel DNA sequencing technologies

Product design

  • User interface improvements
  • Packaging innovations
  • Reagent stabilization technologies
  • Green technologies
  • Single tube formulations
Proteins, nucleic acids & amplification

Proteins, nucleic acids & amplification

  • Protein and nucleic acid extraction, purification, and rapid detection
  • Instruments and reagents for real time PCR and digital PCR applications
  • Human identification and forensic DNA analysis
Protein separation & analysis

Protein separation & analysis

  • Chromatography and mass spectrometry technologies
  • Methods and reagents for protein labeling, detection, imaging, and quantitation
  • Homogenous protein detection technologies
Sample prep technologies

Sample prep technologies

  • Automated sample prep workflows for DNA, RNA, and proteins
  • Chromatography and mass spectrometry sample prep technologies
  • Manual pipetting and automated liquid handling
Synthetic biology

Synthetic biology

  • Metabolic modeling systems 
  • Genome editing 
  • Novel polymerases

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