integrated informatics solutions for biobanks and biorepositories

Nautilus LIMS Delivers Data Management and Workflow Solutions for Specimen Processing, Testing, Storage and Chain of Custody

Resources for biobanks and biorepositories

Biorepository labs need to manage specimen processing, testing, storage and chain-of-custody including for aliquots derived from incoming specimens, as well as track specimen volumes/amounts, patient consents, request management and shipments, to maintain the quality and integrity of the specimens.

Collaborating partners—including biobanks and biorepositories, pharma and biotech companies, and contract research organizations—have the challenge of working together to ensure the timely and accurate flow of extensive amounts of data, results, and reports. The comprehensive turnkey biobanking portfolio from Thermo Fisher Scientific fosters the collaboration and sharing that are essential to support critical discoveries and advancements.

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Supporting your business through an integrated research network

Biobanks play a critical role in the research information network, and require an advanced laboratory information management system (LIMS) to manage biospecimen locations, online request management, data compliance and security, instrument integration, chain of custody and patient demographics and client billing. By optimizing logistical and operational support for researchers, Thermo Scientific™ Nautilus LIMS™ ensures that samples are available when and where needed. Nautilus LIMS for Biobanks and Biorepositories enables an integrated research information network by improving sample management and facilitating flawless transmission of data between multiple laboratories, partner organizations and the FDA. Standardizing on a single LIMS solution across collaborating organizations is a means of achieving easy data sharing and public access to findings. 

Addressing your challenges with turnkey solutions

If your business is concerned with the ongoing challenges related to biobanks or biorepositories, such as sample management and storage, chain of custody, traceability and shipping, patient privacy as well as scalability and collaboration, you might be asking yourself these questions:

  • Where are my samples and what is the status of each?
  • Where do I store these tubes/boxes/plates?
  • How do I query, search, request, approve and ship samples?
  • How do I manage patient privacy and consent?
  • How can I support and work with external partners and customers?

Thermo Scientific Nautilus LIMS for Biobanks and Biorepositories is a vital component of our turnkey solution, offering laboratories the security, interconnectivity, instrument integration, and data management capabilities necessary to manage today's complex biobanks and biorepositories.

  • Support for 2D barcoding ensures easy sample accession.
  • Complex sample management and storage is simple through the location management module.
  • Chain of custody is easily tracked and managed.
  • Online sample request and shipment management via WebAccess enables access to researchers and clinicians.
  • Consent management can be associated with each primary biospecimen and all samples derived from it.
  • Instrument integration is built-in to simplify automation.
  • Extensive plate management enables researchers to model their laboratory work using a graphical interface.
  • Analytical data is unified with biospecimen data to provide a complete picture.
  • Data compliance and security is provided.

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