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Antibiotic resistance (ABR) research has become a key focus area in recent times as antibiotic resistance becomes a greater threat to global public health. Real-time PCR is a widely available technology that can be used to detect ABR genes.

Thermo Fisher Scientific has developed a growing set of TaqMan real-time PCR assays for the detection of ABR genes. You can order these assays in single tubes, or you can create your own panel. View the complete list of ABR TaqMan Assays below, and explore our flexible ordering formats at the bottom of this page.

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The discovery and production of antibiotics in the first half of the 20th century dramatically reduced the impact of bacterial infections on human health. With frequent overuse of antibiotics over time, bacteria can change in a way that reduces the effectiveness of the agents that are designed to prevent infections. In farm animals, this can lead to antibiotic-resistance genes entering the food chain.

The process for development of resistant bacteria is as follows:

  • Upon exposure to antibiotics, the majority of the bacteria sensitive to it will die, with a small portion surviving.
  • The surviving antibiotic-resistant bacteria multiply through repeated exposure to antibiotics and gain a greater share of the overall microbial population.
  • This resistance further spreads to sensitive human populations through horizontal gene transfer of antibiotic resistance genes.
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Antibiotic resistance TaqMan Assays

Target Gene Name Description Assay ID
APX1 Control At02233912_G1
OXA-1  β-lactamase (class D) Ba04646133_s1
FOX AmpC β-lactamase (Class C) Ba04646126_s1
GES Carbapenemase (Class A) Ba04646151_s1
KPC Carbapenemase (Class A) Ba04646152_s1
IMP-1 Carbapenemase (Class B) Ba04646131_s1
NDM-1 (C) Carbapenemase (Class B) Ba04931076_s1
blaOXA-48 Carbapenemase (Class D) Ba04930816_s1
PER-1 Extended Spectrum β-lactamase (Class A) Ba04646140_s1
VEB Extended Spectrum β-lactamase (Class A) Ba04646153_s1
CTX-M Group 1 Extended-Spectrum-β-Lactamase Ba04646149_s1
CTX-M Group 2 Extended-Spectrum-β-Lactamase Ba04646142_s1
CTX-M Group 8/25 Extended-Spectrum-β-Lactamase Ba04646154_s1
CTX-M Group 9 Extended-Spectrum-β-Lactamase Ba04646127_s1
ermB Macrolide Resistance Pa04230913_s1
qnrA  Quinolone Resistance Ba04646160_s1
qnrS Quinolone Resistance Ba04646145_s1
VIM verona integron-encoded metallo-β-lactamase Ba04646155_s1

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