Performance and confidence for your qPCR experiments

Applied Biosystems™ TaqMan® Assays are the industry-leading choice for 5’ nuclease qPCR assays. They are cited in more publications than any other qPCR assay product and are considered the gold standard for quantitative genomic analysis. TaqMan Assays are consistently chosen as a trusted solution to reliably provide fast and accurate results.

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Explore the value of TaqMan Assays

Proven performance

With over 20 years of proven performance, TaqMan Assays provide confidence in your results. 


Advanced primer/probe sequence selection criteria plus MGB probe enhancement deliver the specificity and reproducibility you need for confidence in your results. Your results are generated from amplification of the intended target, not from nonspecific dye binding or amplification of closely related genes or pseudogenes.


The nonfluorescent quencher (NFQ) on TaqMan probes minimizes background, and intelligent PCR primer and probe design maximizes amplification efficiency. Get better sensitivity and accuracy—reliably detect targets present at 10 or fewer copies.


Accurately reproduce results from well to well, day to day, and lab to lab—even across manufacturing lots.

Wide dynamic range 

Detect from a handful to millions of target molecules with the same reaction setup. Capture the full spectrum of expression variability in many experimental scenarios.

High amplification efficiency 

All TaqMan Gene Expression Assays have a PCR efficiency of 100% (±10%). Use the comparative Ct (ΔΔCt) method of quantification confidently.

Ease of use 

All assays use a single, universal thermal cycling profile. Run any assay combination on a single plate. Avoid instrument programming errors.

Comprehensive assay information 

Genomic mapping data are provided prior to purchase.

The largest selection of predesigned gene expression assays

Choose from over 1.8 million predesigned assays to avoid the costly effort of assay design and optimization.

  • Assays for nearly every human, mouse, and rat gene in the RefSeq database
  • Available for over 30 species and pathogens
  • Assays for multiple locations per transcript and across nearly every exon junction in human genes 
  • Strain-neutral assays for mouse and rat
  • Custom assay design services available

Flexible formats

Choose from a variety of formats and configurations to meet all your different research needs. Whether you are looking at a single target or thousands of samples, there is a TaqMan Assay format for you.


Single tubes

  • Low entry price
  • Flexible
  • Run on any real-time PCR instrument

384-well microfluidic cards

  • Low cost per reaction
  • Optimal for medium to large projects
  • Run on Applied Biosystems™ QuantStudio™ 7 Flex & 12K Flex, ViiA™ 7, and 7900HT Fast real-time PCR systems

96-well plates

  • Optimal for small to medium projects
  • Balances flexibility with streamlined reaction setup
  • Run on any 96-well real-time PCR instrument

OpenArray™ plates

  • Lowest cost for large projects
  • Ultimate throughput
  • Run on QuantStudio 12K Flex real-time PCR system

Custom Formatting Services are available for 96- or 384-well plates, TaqMan Array Card and OpenArray plates.

Guaranteed performance


We stand behind every predesigned TaqMan Assay. We are committed to helping you achieve your research goals, and we believe that our predesigned TaqMan primer and probe sets establish the benchmark for high-quality and easy-to-use real-time PCR products. We want you to be happy with your purchase and confident in the genomic tools we provide. Therefore, we guarantee every predesigned TaqMan Assay in terms of:

  • Quality—high-quality manufacturing for reproducible results from lot to lot
  • Performance—superior sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy
  • Content—the largest collection of primer and probe sets using the world’s best and most extensively verified assay design pipeline
  • Results—enables you to obtain data you can trust

If performance of a predesigned TaqMan Assay does not meet these specifications, we’ll replace it at no cost or credit your account. For more information, and to see the full terms and conditions of the guarantee, go to thermofisher.com/taqmanguarantee

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