Additional Products and Support Materials for Use of the TaqPath COVID-19 Combo Kit

Thermo Fisher Scientific is the leading single-source supplier for COVID-19-related testing needs, with involvement in more than 50% of worldwide testing. We have the instruments, test kits, and reagents the world needs now, and we’ve accelerated our development pipeline to provide new, innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of today and tomorrow. We are your trusted partner, uniquely poised to assist you in every step of your workflow.

To enable clinical and public health laboratories to quickly diagnose COVID-19 caused by SARS-CoV-2 infection, Thermo Fisher Scientific has a growing portfolio of real-time PCR-based COVID-19 test kits to detect RNA from SARS-CoV-2 as well as other respiratory viruses such as influenza A, influenza B, and RSV.

In addition to the necessary instruments and products featured in the protocols for our current COVID-19-related test kits, there are additional recommended products to run your real-time PCR workflow and the support materials below to ensure proper lab readiness.

For in vitro diagnostic use. Intended use of the additional products mentioned on this page vary. For specific intended use statements please refer to the product label.

Additional products
Water, Molecular Biology Grade, Fisher BioReagentsVarious
Ethanol, absolute (200 proof), ACS reagent–gradeor equivalentBP2818100, BP2818500, BP28184

Lab item

Recommended product

Catalog number

Aerosol-resistant barrier pipette tips, various sizes 1-1000 μL

Aerosol-resistant barrier tips compatible with F1 and E1-Clip Tip pipettes


Centrifuge with rotor for microplates (to spin reaction mix before load into instrument)

Sorvall General Purpose Centrifuges, various





Safety glasses



Laboratory coat



Microcentrifuge tube rack for 1.5 mL tubesThermo Scientific Flipper
Tube Rack for 1.5 mL & 2.0 mL Tubes
8760, 8770-11, 8780
Cold blocks, or ice and ice bucketsThermo Scientific Benchtop Coolers5116130005-403-00
Nonstick, RNase-free microcentrifuge tubes
(1.5 mL and2.0 mL)

Microcentrifuge tubes, nonstick, RNase-free, 1.5 mL (250 tubes)

or Low Retention Microcentrifuge Tubes

Nonstick, RNase-free Microfuge Tubes, 1.5 mL

Thermo Scientific™ Snap Cap Low Retention Microcentrifuge Tubes



Incubator capable of reaching 65ºC, with slatted shelves


[1] To avoid contamination, it is highly recommended to have separate sets of pipettes for samples and extraction, PCR reaction setup, and any post-PCR processing. Ideally these steps should all be performed in separate laboratory spaces as well. Always follow necessary precautions when handling patient samples.