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Diverse applications for gold-standard sequencing technology

Sanger sequencing is the gold standard for sequencing technology in that it provides a high degree of accuracy, long-read capabilities, and the flexibility to support a diverse range of applications in many research areas.

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Sanger sequencing instruments and accessories

Our Applied Biosystems genetic analysis systems are trusted for Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis, and are proven through decades of results.

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Kits, reagents, and accessories for Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis

We provide optimized, streamlined kits to help you prepare samples for Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis applications on Applied Biosystems genetic analyzers, as well as a comprehensive selection of standards, capillaries, polymers, and other accessories for your genetic analyzer.

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Applications compendium for Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis

We offer an online collection of innovative application notes and articles focused on capillary electrophoresis workflows.

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Primer Designer Tool for PCR & Sanger sequencing

From design to synthesis, quality primers are vital to successful results. Use our online Applied Biosystems Primer Designer Tool to search for the right PCR/Sanger sequencing primer pair from a database of ~650,000 predesigned primer pairs for resequencing the human exome and human mitochondrial genome.

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Generate high-quality Sanger sequencing data with our proven workflow


Our simple and fast Sanger sequencing workflow can be completed in less than one workday, from sample to answer. Thermo Fisher Scientific offers Applied Biosystems products to support many steps of our recommended workflow, from PCR amplification to data analysis.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.