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From drug discovery through large-scale commercial production, we offer a comprehensive suite of products and services to address all of your biopharmaceutical production needs. Our portfolio includes cell culture media, serum, and reagents, single-use technologies, protein purification and chromatography products, and analytical services.

Gibco bioprocessing

The global leader for over 50 years in media, sera, reagents, and services.  From our very first cell culture to our novel CHO media and feeds, the hallmarks of Gibco products have been uncompromising quality, consistency, and a culture of innovation.

Single-use technologies

The go-to choice for customizable and rugged single-use systems.  From upstream to downstream, Thermo Scientific single-use bioreactors, mixers, and bioprocess containers are relied upon across the workflow for rapid changeover and ease of use.


Applied Biosystems SEQ Analytics

The standard for rapid molecular methods in pharmaceutical manufacturing.  Trust Applied Biosystems SEQ Analytics for contaminant and impurity identification and detection that’s rapid, sensitive, and accurate.