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Diagnostics Critical in Effort to Eradicate PRRS Virus

Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) costs the global pig industry hundreds of millions of Euros each year, writes Nardy Robben, Product Specialist, Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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Molecular Technology to Enhance Future Diagnostics

Diagnostics are likely to play an increasingly important role in veterinary practice over the next few years, according to speakers at a satellite symposium at WAVLD (World Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians) in Berlin. The application of molecular technology, such as sequencing, is opening up new avenues and allowing the development of faster, more sensitive and more selective tests.

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Strategic Use of Diagnostics

With such a wide choice of diagnostic tests available, Life Technologies explains how to choose the best option in any given situation. Large animal veterinarians have never had such a wide range of diagnostic tools to help them maintain and improve the health and productivity of their clients’ animals. The development of new and better tests over the last few decades has made it possible to get faster, more accurate, and more precise information about the health status of… 

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Serology Versus Molecular Technology

The introduction of routine serological tests in diagnostic laboratories provided veterinarians with a valuable tool for diagnosing and tracking a wide range of common infections in production animals. In particular, the technology provided information about infections caused by viruses, which are extremely difficult to identify by culturing them under laboratory conditions. But has serology been replaced by newer, molecular technology? Life Technologies offers the answer.

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