Thermo Scientific Chromeleon Chromatography Data System (CDS) is used by laboratories in a wide range of different industries around the world. Many of our customers are challenged to improve efficiency and productivity while meeting the ever-increasing demands for regulatory compliance, data integrity and flawless operation.

To better meet the wide range of requirements from our customers, Thermo Fisher Scientific employs a release strategy that provides customers with a choice of how to deploy Chromeleon CDS. Starting with Chromeleon 7.2 CDS SR5 and all subsequent releases, the strategy entails:

  • The Feature Release (FR) channel (major (7.X) and minor (7.X.Y)) introducing new innovations and enabling customers to stay up-to-date with the newest technologies and latest advancements. Maintenance Updates (MU) are released to maintain stability. A given Feature Release is supported until the next major or minor Feature Release.
  • The Long-Term Support (LTS) channel provides a base Chromeleon version enabling customers to maintain utmost stability and robustness over an extended period with minimized validation efforts. Maintenance Updates (MU) are released regularly. These updates include fixes for high priority defects that can be made with a low risk for compromising stability.
  • The Extended support (-ES) channel provides a base Chromeleon software version enabling customers to use newer functionality than the LTS channel whilst focusing on maintaining stability. Maintenance Updates (MU) are released regularly.

Chromeleon 7 CDS - Current releases

VersionChannelRelease date
7.3.2FRApril 2023
7.2.10 MUgESJanuary 2023
SR5 MUILTSApril 2021

Chromeleon 7 CDS - Current release strategy3

MajorMinorChannelRelease dateSupport4 2023Yes4a MUaFRAugust 2022Yes4c 2021Yes4c 2020No MUg
ES2January 2023


Until end of 2024 2019


Until end of 2024 2018No 2018No 2017No
7.2SR5 MUILTS2April 2021


Until end of 20255

7.27.2 SR5LTS2March 2017


Until end of 20235

  • 1 For more details about supported operating systems, such as exceptions for specific instruments or instrument combinations, please refer to the release notes, list of supported instruments, and installation guides for the specific release version, along with the relevant enterprise documentation.
  • 2 For LTS and ES releases only the most recent maintenance update is mentioned.
  • 3 For supported operating systems and other system components, please refer to the Supported Operating Systems document found on the Chromeleon software’s distribution media.
  • 4 Development support for release channels
    • 4a) Mainstream support: Regular cumulative maintenance updates providing fixes and selected instrument drivers. 
    • 4b) Extended Support: Cumulative maintenance updates when required and selected instrument drivers within technical capabilities,
    • 4c) Passive Support: Critical fixes with cumulative maintenance update on best-effort basis, no drivers,
  • Discontinuance notice: Chromeleon 6.8 CDS version SR16 was the final release of the Chromeleon 6.8 software and it was discontinued as of January 1, 2020. We will no longer be able to provide bug fixes although support and services will continue on a best effort basis.

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