Preparative HPLC Column Method Transfer Tool

Quickly scale methods from analytical to preparative HPLC

Use this online tool to determine best starting conditions for scaling methods between analytical to preparative HPLC conditions. The tool will calculate the new injection volume, flow rate, gradient table and expected eluent usage. Just insert your current method conditions and your new column dimensions to get up and running faster.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific has made estimates for pre-populated data based on typical laboratory workflows of its customers that may or may not reflect your situation. Since your specific use may differ from the estimated pre-populated date, use of this tool is at your own risk. Thermo Fisher Scientific takes no responsibility (financial or otherwise) for the accuracy of data, calculations or results obtained through the use of this tool.

LC method 1

Current column

LC method 2

Planned column

Current LC gradient

Time (min)%A %B 

Recommended LC gradient

Time (min)%A %B 

Recommended LC gradient profile

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