Learn what's new in release 2020.2 of PerGeos Software

Thermo Scientific PerGeos Software version 2020.2 rolls out exciting new tools and enhancements. Read on for a quick introduction to these features and links to resources offering more information.


A new 2D ScaleBar module is available in the Explore Workspace. The module can be created on any OrthoSlice or LDA OrthoSlice. This module allows, in particular, to enable the display of an unambiguous scalebar during 3D animations. The bar length is restricted to rounded values , and should remain readable regardless of the brightness of the image displayed behind.

New in 2020.1 and 2019.4

Brand new look and feel

PerGeos Software 2020.1 introduces a new look and feel based on dark, contrasting visuals. This new user interface offers a more modern appearance. For those of you who are using other Thermo Scientific electron microscopy applications, the user experience will be enhanced, as the look and feel is consistent across software suites. These enhancements provide better readability, which improves comfort by reducing eye strain. And they save energy, too. Additionally, support for 4K displays has also been greatly improved.


New colormaps

2 new color maps are introduced in this version, invertedGrayScale and volrenYellowInverted. Your 2D and 3D visualization will benefit from these new colormaps when the background information in the image has a higher intensity than the structures of interest.

Figure 1: Berea sandstone dataset.
Top: standard grayscale colormap,
Bottom: new invertedGrayscale colormap, left: slice display, right: volume rendering

Convert image type module benefits of a simplified normalization

The module Convert Image Type has been enhanced to offer a simplified interface for normalizing intensities before casting, using explicit ranges and appropriate default values.


Easier script sharing

Absolute script path evolved to relative path in order to avoid the previous path update needed.
What is a relative path: A relative path starts from some given working directory, avoiding the need to provide the full absolute path.

With this version, when saving the recipe, the absolute path is replaced by a relative one if the change is possible. To do so, the recipe should be saved next to or below the script in the file tree. Of course, the file tree should be kept as is when sharing.

Access to column of spreadsheet

With this new 2019.4 version, you can make statistical analysis for column containing scalar values using the new method ‘HxSpreadSheetInterface.Column.asarray’

New remote procedure call package

You can now send and receive Python commands via TCP/IP sockets from a Client to a Server that will interpret the command. It allows you to create Python script which generates a complete compute module workflow and execute it on the server side.

Fast image augmentation

The albumentations is now standard in the Python environment created with Deep Learning packages.

PerGeos Software upgrades

2020.2 is a regular upgrade and will be provided free-of-charge to all users under valid maintenance.
All enhancements and new features are available in all editions of PerGeos Software.
These new version also bring many improvements and fixes to known issues.

Customers with active maintenance at the time of the release will be notified automatically about the availability of the newest version.

What was new

PerGeos Software 2020.1
Released on April 2020

PerGeos Software 2019.4
Released on January 2020

PerGeos Software 2019.3
Released on November 2019