Easily visualize and process your data whatever the size

Large Data Management

With the steady increase of image data size, and consistent hardware resource limitations, it becomes increasingly important to enable researchers through sophisticated data management tools to visualize and process data that is larger than the available system memory.

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The XLVolume extension for Thermo Scientific Amira-Avizo Software combines several data management and visualization technologies that adapt to any hardware and data configuration. Some highlights are:

  • 3D multi-resolution compressed [BP1] file format
  • Automated loading/unloading of data
  • Continuous refinement
  • Automatic display of full resolution data
  • Loading of data only in the field of view
  • Loading of data matching current screen resolution
  • Multi-Threaded loading and decompression
  • Sophisticated caching tools
  • Optional user-defined fixed resolution levels

One of the exciting possibilities available with the XLVolume extension for Amira-Avizo Software is the direct conversion of GB- and TB-scale image datasets through Glencoe’s Bio-Formats to our multi-resolution out-of-core data management solution. This unprecedented integration grants any file format supported by Bio-Formats access to this proven large data management technology that is included in our XLVolume extension

The combination of Glencoe’s Bio-Formats and our XLVolume technologies provides never before seen flexibility and performance when visualizing large data across modalities and vendors. It enables the use of all metadata supported by Bio-Formats during the conversion process, e.g. allowing correct placement of data tiles in 3D space as recorded by the instrument during a multi-tile acquisition.