Avian influenza

Avian influenza detection

Sampling swabs and transport media for detection of avian influenza in birds

Avian influenza is a highly contagious viral disease that occurs primarily in poultry and wild water birds. 

The virus easily and quickly spreads through poultry flocks that it has created across 2021/2022 what has been the largest HPAI epidemic observed in Europe so far in terms of poultry outbreaks, number of dead birds and geographical spread. 

For this reason, the implementation of stringent biosecurity measures in farms is essential. 

Successful detection of avian influenza (AI) virus using PCR is dependent upon the quality of the sample and proper storage and handling prior to testing. The sample type will also depend on the type of birds that are being tested; oropharyngeal swabs from gallinaceous poultry and cloacal swabs from waterfowl are the preferred specimens for most diagnostic tests, although it is optimal to collect swabs from both locations, where possible. In addition to collecting the appropriate sample, selecting the right materials for sample collection and transport is very important. 

The USDA-APHIS published Avian Sample Collection for Influenza A and Newcastle Disease1 (January 3, 2023) the use of Brain Heart Infusion Broth is recommended. Other acceptable viral transport media (VTM) cited in the recommendations include any salt-balanced, buffered media with a protein component such as tris-buffered tryptose broth (TBTB), nutrient broth (NB), and peptone broth (PB); or commercially available media, e.g. PrimeStore MTM (currently for Wildlife Services wild bird surveillance). Swabs used for sample collection should be synthetic or semi-synthetic swabs (e.g., polyester, rayon, nylon) with a plastic handle (flocked or spun head). 

In Europe the Istituto Zooprfilattico Sperimentale Delle Venezie European Union Reference Laboratory for Avian influenza guidelines and minimum requirements for diagnosis of AI (and Newcastle Disease) references the diagnostic procedures developed according to the Diagnostic Manual for Avian Influenza (2006/437/EC) which also states that BHI Broth with antibiotics should be used for the transport of samples collected for testing.

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Thermo Scientific™ Transport MediaBrain Heart Infusion (BHI) Broth100 x 5 mLR060270
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PrimeStore™ MTMPrimeStore MTM Collection (1 mL)50 x 2 mL tube with 1 mL fillR13902
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PrimeStore MTM Collection (1.5 mL)50 x 5 mL tube with 1.5 mL fillR13905
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1. Avian Sample collection for Influenza A and NewCastle Disease. January 3, 2023. https://www.aphis.usda.gov/animal_health/lab_info_services/downloads/WIAV0020.pdf