Stay one step ahead. The Tox Explorer Collection helps the world's toxicology community navigate with ease to solve complex analytical challenges and increase laboratory productivity. Built upon a single software solution, the Tox Explorer Collection comes equipped with a standardized LC-MS method with retention times, (U)HPLC column, experimentally obtained compound database and library, as well as on-site LC-MS/MS instrument set-up and Tox Explorer application training, enabling smooth start-up and implementation.

For increased confidence in data and productivity in your laboratory, the Tox Explorer Collection is now available with Thermo Scientific Orbitrap MS and Thermo Scientific TSQ Plus triple quadrupole mass spectrometer platform options.

Comprehensive LC-MS Solutions: Sample Collection to Reporting of Toxicology Analytes

Improve efficiency and productivity by capitalizing on an optimal combination of preparation guidelines, outstanding LC, robust MS, intuitive software, an extensive compound library and easy-to-implement methods—all backed by comprehensive training and application support. And, the flexibility to choose the mass spectrometer option that meets your needs.

Get excellent dynamic range and highly accurate mass measurements. HRAM option includes experimentally obtained compound database and HRAM spectral library with retention times of over 1800 compounds.

Tox Explorer HRAM option

Increase productivity with SRM acquisition speeds enabling faster polarity switching of both positive and negative compounds. Triple quadrupole option includes experimentally obtained compound database and retention times of over 1100 compounds.

Triple Quadrupole option

Tox Explorer HRAM Solution

High resolution and mass accuracy

Thermo Scientific Orbitrap technology platforms offer high resolution mass spectrometry and better mass accuracy without loss of sensitivity and provide positive/negative polarity switching in one analytical run, saving time and offering greater confidence in data output. Screening, identification, confirmation and quantitation can all be performed on one mass spectrometry platform. One of the key benefits of using high resolution accurate mass (HRAM) mass detection for toxicology analyses is the ability to use retrospective data to help with the identification of novel designer drugs.

  • Screen, identify, confirm, and quantitate – all with one instrument
  • Analyze a broad spectrum of compounds in one run
  • Perform retrospective analysis without requiring additional experiments
  • Obtain comprehensive MS/MS spectra without the need to average, while accessing positive and negative compounds in one run
  • Utilize data-dependent acquisition for the identification of unknown structures via MS/MS spectra
  • Exceptional mass accuracy and stability within and between runs—even at low mass ranges— ensures confidence in results
Tox Explorer Chromatogram

Extracted ion chromatogram of 100+ compounds covering a range of drug classes hydrophobicities, and polarities.

What experienced users are saying

"Tox Explorer Collection for Orbitrap Exploris 120 MS provides a powerful solution for forensic toxicology.

We have developed an in-house broad coverage ‘open’ screen for NPS, drugs of abuse and medications based on Q Exactive Orbitrap mass spectrometers that has allowed us to successfully deliver forensic toxicology services for the past 10 years."

The Tox Explorer Collection on the Orbitrap Exploris 120 MS has significantly enhanced the screening service. Additional analytes in the database have provided enhanced coverage helping in the identification of unique compounds in various coroner’s cases; the greater scan speed of the Orbitrap Exploris also allows complex acquisition workflows including polarity switching and targeted data dependent MS2 (ddMS2) in a single analysis.

Simon Hudson, Technical Director, LGC ASSURE, Fordham, U.K.

Simon Hudson
Technical Director, LGC ASSURE
Fordham, U.K.

Tox Explorer Collection - Simplifying targeted screening with Orbitrap technology

Making the most of software

Watch a brief demonstration of how TraceFinder software can be used in conjunction with Thermo Scientifc mzVault library manager to acquire, monitor, process, review, and report data.

Targeted screening and quantitation with a Tox Explorer triple quadrupole LC-MS workflow

Whiteboard video highlighting the benefits of the Tox Explorer all-in-one toxicology solution and advantages of triple quadrupole mass spectrometry for drug screening and quantitation.

LC-MS technology enables rapid, accurate, easy-to-use methods to ensure success in toxicology analysis.

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