Rapid DNA Solutions for Crime Laboratories


With the compact, easy-to-use Applied Biosystems RapidHIT ID System, forensic laboratories, globally, are expanding their capabilities and partnering with law enforcement, medical examiners, and others to more quickly triage samples, generate leads early in the investigative process, identify the unknown, and automatically enroll and search qualifying arrestees' DNA profiles against forensic DNA databases while a suspect is still in custody. Let us equip you to do what you do best - even better.

Rapid DNA, answers that you can trust, only faster

  • FBI NDIS-approved rapid DNA system 
  • Lab-quality forensic DNA profiles in as little as 90 minutes with 1 minute of hands-on time
  • Widely used chemistries generate results compatible with established DNA databases
  • Expert system capable software offers full control of DNA results with powerful sample matching, familial search, kinship, and staff elimination applications
  • Enables rapid processing and identifications of crime scene evidence, human remains, and family references—in the lab or in the field

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Sample cartridges enable a fully automated workflow

Self-contained sample cartridges transform a multicomponent protocol into a single, user-initiated task

  • RFID technology automatically initiates optimized run and analysis protocols and tracks consumable and run information. Standardized algorithms generate reproducible STR profiles within a closed system.
  • Single sample cartridges eliminate the need to batch samples, minimize storage and waste needs, and reduce per sample costs
  • Processed samples can be recovered from the sample cartridge, enabling retesting with the same system or traditional laboratory methods
Two types of sample cartridges optimized for specific sample needs:
  • Applied Biosystems RapidHIT ID ACE GlobalFiler Express Sample Cartridge (for reference samples)
  • Applied Biosystems RapidINTEL Plus Sample Cartridge (for crime scene samples)

RapidLink Software offers centralized control for rapid DNA testing

From a single view, a system administrator can confirm status of all locations contributing DNA profiles to RapidLINK for forensic review, check the number of runs per day, and reorder cartridges before consumables run out. With the activation of RapidLINK applications, the trained forensic scientist can transform DNA results into rapid intelligence.

RapidLINK Match Application
RapidLINK Match application

The matching process is on all the time, so you know immediately when there’s a match

RapidLINK Familial Application
RapidLINK Familial application

Search selected samples for familial matches within your RapidLINK database

RapidLINK Staff Elimination Database Application
RapidLINK Staff Elimination Database application

Automatic detection of contamination from staff and manufacturing employee profiles

RapidLINK Kinship Application
RapidLINK Kinship application

Verify family relationships from specific samples in your RapidLINK database

Rapid DNA in the booking station

Every minute counts when a suspect is in custody. Learn how laboratories and agencies are collaborating to implement Rapid DNA at booking, ensuring every lawfully owed arrestee DNA is automatically enrolled and searched against unsolved cases.

Rapid DNA at a crime scene for investigative leads

Every minute counts after a crime has been committed. Learn how Rapid DNA helps generate investigative leads and can be combined with other investigative tools at the front of an investigation to help resolve cases faster.

Rapid DNA in the field

Every minute counts when families are awaiting answers. Learn how Rapid DNA is being used in the field to identify victims and reunite families.

Field-ready Rapid DNA program video

Hear how the French Gendarmerie is using Rapid DNA in mobile units, allowing them to bring it to crime scenes and DVI scenes, collect evidence, and process these samples with results in 90 minutes


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* NDIS-approved for use by booking stations & accredited forensic DNA laboratories with known reference DNA samples and the RapidHIT ID ACE GlobalFiler Express Sample Cartridge.

For Forensics, Human Identification or Paternity/Kinship Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.