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The Applied Biosystems RapidHIT ID System generates lab-quality forensic DNA profiles in as little as 90 minutes with one minute of hands-on time. STR profiles are generated quickly using established chemistries and innovative software for full control of results. DNA profiling has never been this fast and easy.

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The RapidHIT ID System offers the following features:

  • CODIS-eligible profiles—generated with confirmed sample types
  • NDIS-approved Applied Biosystems GlobalFiler Express PCR Amplification Kit chemistry
  • Expert System capable software
  • Compatible with established DNA databases

Fast and easy RapidHIT ID System workflow


1. Insert swab into cartridge

Bring the analysis tools to the point of action, whether in the lab or in the field.


2. Insert sample cartridge

Automatically performs a cell lysis, amplification, and capillary electrophoresis.


3. DNA results in 90 minutes

RapidLINK software centralizes data and provides full control of results.

RapidHIT ID sample cartridges
  • Self-contained sample cartridges transform a multi-component protocol into a single, user-initiated task.
  • No matter which operator or what site, standardized algorithms are designed to generate reproducible STR profiles within a closed system.
  • RapidHIT ID sample cartridges provide the ability to run samples as they are received—no more batching.

From a single view, a system administrator can confirm status of all locations contributing DNA profiles to RapidLINK for forensic review, check the number of runs per day, and reorder cartridges before consumables run out. With the activation of RapidLINK applications (apps), the trained forensic scientist can transform DNA results into rapid intelligence.


RapidLINK Match Application
The matching process is on all the time, so you know immediately when there’s a match


RapidLINK Familial Application
Search selected samples for familial matches within your RapidLINK database


RapidLINK Staff Elimination Database Application
Automatic detection of contamination from staff and manufacturing employee profiles


RapidLINK Kinship Application
Verify family relationships from specific samples in your RapidLINK database

For Forensics, Human Identification or Paternity/Kinship use only.  Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic applications.