LACT solutions from the wellhead to the pipeline

The price of oil is at record lows. In order to maximize revenue, it is more important than ever for well operators and owners to accurately measure petroleum product as it is transferred from the source tank to a tanker truck. Lease automatic custody transfer (LACT) units that employ advanced measurement technology and built-in accounting capabilities are the best low-cost, accurate, and secure solution.


Introducing a reliable platform to lower your cost of ownership

The Thermo Scientific AutoLACT Flow Controller is designed on the proven technology of the Thermo Scientific AutoPILOT PRO, a platform that has been accurately transferring product from production site to truck, pipeline or storage tank for over 25 years. Thermo Scientific AutoPILOT PRO flow computers are worry free, low maintenance controllers built to endure the most extreme environmental conditions with minimal downtime.

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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about the new Thermo Scientific AutoLACT Flow Controller. Download the FAQs and find the answers to questions such as:

  • Is the Thermo Scientific AutoLACT Flow Controller  SCADA compatible?
  • Does the Thermo Scientific AutoLACT Flow Controller  comply with API 6.1
  • Does it meet Custody Transfer requirements?
  • Can Driver IDs be remotely edited or uploaded?
  • What is required to the initiate the process?

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Lower your cost of ownership

Our new LACT solution:
The Thermo Scientific™ AutoLACT Flow Controller

Discover how the field-proven technology in the Thermo Scientific AutoPILOT PRO is now available for LACT applications.

Well optimized

Learn how the AutoPILOT PRO software regulates the natural gas production process, while yielding higher production yields and cost savings.


For more details on the product, or to discuss what we can do to help you with your specific needs, contact us by email.

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