Web Gauging Thickness and Basis Weight Measurement Products

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Get accurate measurement data and improve productivity while minimizing raw material waste. Thermo Scientific web gauges ensure efficient production of consistent, reliable, high quality products. We offer a full portfolio of intelligent and accurate online non-contact measurement systems that provide a unique insight into your process. Whether it is the need to go thinner, multiple layers, innovative materials or new applications, we are well positioned to meet your gauging requirements.

Web gauging thickness and basis weight measurement product categories

Our measurement and control platforms increase quality, consistency and efficiency of production lines and provide a window into your process.

The Thermo Scientific LInspector measurement and control system is our newest solution and is specifically designed for lithium-ion battery applications. It addresses the need for accurate electrode coating weight measurement, multilayer thickness measurement of separator films and electrode calendering thickness measurement.

The 21PlusHD measurement and control system is our flagship platform for continuous web processing and provides accurate online thickness and basis weight measurement for a variety of applications including film and sheet extrusion, coating and converting, nonwovens, vinyl calendering, and building materials.

Both systems provide advanced analytics and reporting capabilities based on the application, including roll, shift and production reports, stripe/patch/pattern statistics, heat map, 3D profile, and edge zoom displays.

The Thermo Scientific IPlus! measurement and control system is our value based system for continuous web processing and features an intuitive, easy-to-use HMI, providing users with high performance at a low cost of ownership.

Thermo Scientific sensors provide fast, accurate and repeatable measurement with superior signal-to-noise ratio. Each solution enables material savings and increased line utilization over a vast array of applications.

Reliability, modularity, ease of maintenance and low cost of ownership are of paramount importance. Thermo Scientific solid scanner designs assure accuracy and profile repeatability. Each scanner incorporates an embedded iBox processor running a Linux operating system to provide fast, secure, robust measurement.

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Learn how Thermo Scientific web thickness and basis weight systems ensure the performance of flat-sheet materials in the plastics, rubber, lithium-ion battery and textiles industries.

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