OMNIC Anywhere App and Nicolet spectrometers drive cloud-based spectroscopy
Strengthen your collaborations using our new line of Thermo Scientific Nicolet FTIR Spectrometers* enhanced with digital science connectivity. The new Nicolet Summit, iS20, and iS50 FTIR spectrometers now allow you to share your data anywhere, anytime by simply uploading your data via secure access using the Thermo Scientific OMNIC Anywhere Cloud-based App. All new Nicolet FTIR spectrometers will have access to the OMNIC Anywhere App on Connect. Start with 10 GB of free data storage where our FTIR systems can now ensure that your data is secure and ready to share anywhere.

OMNIC Anywhere

How can cloud-enabled Nicolet FTIR spectrometers enhance your collaborations?

  • Export, view and share data – view your Nicolet .spa spectral files, label spectra peaks, and correct spectra baseline all in the OMNIC Anywhere App on your PC, Apple computer, Android or iOS device
  • Add more storage space – start with 10 GB of storage for free, and then scale up storage as needed for a nominal fee. You can store OMNIC .spa files as well as other files (e.g., report documents, .xls, etc.) to your Connect account
  • Secure your data – Connect uses Amazon Web Service™, the industry-leading security and data protection cloud-computing platform – so no lost or stolen data

Why share your Nicolet FTIR data?


If you are a teacher, your students can take their FTIR measurements in the lab, upload data to your/their FREE Connect account, view their spectra later online from their dorm rooms, then analyze and share their report file with you via your Connect account.


If you are a scientist, you can share your FTIR data with colleagues around the globe anytime, anywhere to accelerate your research or share and compare QA results and more. Now your colleagues can comment on your results on any device (tablets or computers) enabled with Connect.

How to export and view data with the OMNIC Anywhere App
Step 1 – Create account
Step 2 – Upload data
Step 3 – View data
Step 4 – Share data

Step 1
Create account

Sign up for Connect – it’s FREE!
Start with 10GB of free data storage secured by Amazon Web Service™’s industry-leading security and data protection cloud-computing platform. 

  1. Go to Connect.
  2. Click SIGN UP NOW and enter the information requested.
  3. When finished click the Create Account button.

Step 2
Upload data

1. Sign in to your Connect account from any device.

2. Click Upload files – see red box.


3. Select the folder to upload your spa. file to and click Select.


4. Your device file directory will automatically appear. Navigate to and select the .spa file you wish to export.

5. Once selected your .spa file will upload automatically to the specified Connect folder.

Alternative export protocol – Syncing folders

1. Once signed into your account, click the Apps icon on the left-hand side of your screen to open the App Library. Scroll down to Utilities category and click on the Cloud Connect Utility.


2. Click on the downloaded file to install the Cloud Connect Utility App on your device.

3. Once installed Cloud Connect Utility will prompt you to sign in to your Connect account.

4. Select a folder on your device where files can by synced (target folder). Select a destination folder on Connect where files can be synced (automatically uploaded) from your target folder.

5. Any files saved into the device target folder will be exported to the destination folder every time you open the Cloud Connect Utility App on your device.

Step 3
View data

1. From any device, sign into your Connect account.

2. Click the OMNIC Anywhere App. 

3. Navigate to the folder in OMNIC Anywhere containing the .spa file and click to open file.

4. The file will open in Spectrum View mode. You can switch between graphic and List View mode when you click List View.


5. Click on Find Peaks to show label the peaks. Once selected you can select a threshold line by clicking by the spectrum. Only the peaks from this positioned threshold line will be labeled. Or, you can choose to move the slider to indicate the threshold for labelling the peaks. At 1%, only the top 1% of peaks will be labeled, at the higher percentage values additional peaks will be labeled.


Step 4
Share data

1. Once in the OMNIC Anywhere App, click on the .spa file you wish to share.

2. Right-click on the selected data file and select Share.

3. At the prompt enter the recipient’s email address. You can share data with more than one person when you select Add to include each recipient’s email address. NOTE: Your colleague(s) will also need to establish a Connect account to view your shared data. 

4. Your colleague can now view your .spa file on any device once they are logged into their Connect account.