FTIR spectrometers and FTIR microscopes

Fast and definitive solutions for your complex analytical challenges

Achieve qualitative and quantitative analysis of a wide range of organic and inorganic samples with Thermo Scientific’s full line of FTIR microscopes and spectrometers. Offering virtually limitless applications, Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy is a powerful analytical technique used to analyze materials across a broad range of industries, including pharmaceutical, polymer/petrochemical, specialty chemical, semiconductor, environmental, forensics, and material science. Adaptable to any workflow, key uses of our FTIR instruments include chemical compound identification, quantitative analysis and QC/QA of chemical blends, analysis of gases for semiconductor fabrication or purity, identification of trace impurities, and more. FTIR microscopes extend analysis capabilities down to minute particles for contaminant analysis or microplastic applications.


Today, FTIR is the standard for chemical identification work in academic, analytical, QC/QA, and forensics laboratories. Our wide range of instrument choices enable low-cost, efficient workflow solutions or high-resolution research applications, all with speed and simplicity of operation.  Thermo Scientific FTIR spectrometers are designed to optimize the light throughput and to achieve higher signal-to-noise ratios, without requiring external calibration standards—providing you with reliable, accurate, and precise results.


Thermo Scientific Nicolet 7199 FTIR Spectrometer from 1977

FTIR spectrometer and microscope capabilities

A full range of FTIR solutions for spectroscopic analysis

From the simple-use Thermo Scientific Nicolet Summit spectrometer to the highly configurable Thermo Scientific Nicolet iS50 spectrometer, our full range of solutions offers best-in-class performance.

Reliable results with high-performance FTIR instruments

Designed with ease of use in mind, our Thermo Scientific FTIR microscopes and spectrometers offer efficient and flexible solutions for your analytical applications.

Flexible service plans to meet your needs

Unity Lab Services instrument service plans get you up and running faster, with 50% faster response times and 30% less downtime compared to customers without a service plan.

An extensive range of applications

Offering speed, sensitivity, and accuracy, learn why FTIR spectroscopy is ideal for use across industries and applications.

Simple and intuitive software and libraries

Thermo Scientific software and library offerings are designed to help you streamline your analysis, enhance your collaboration, and identify your samples more effectively.

Enhance your FTIR analysis

Find out how FTIR can be combined with Raman, NIR, and other techniques to offer broader insights in sample identification and characterization.