The materials analysis workstation

The materials analysis workstation

Whether you’re looking to create a new API, energy storage material, identify illicit drugs or trying to find a suitable polymer blend the Thermo Scientific Nicolet iS50 FTIR Spectrometer can help you. At the push of a button, you can utilize the permanently aligned sampling modules to acquire more information about your material.  Imagine having the power to acquire data utilizing ATR in the both the mid and far-IR regions, as well as FT-Raman and near-IR spectroscopy without having to manually change accessories or components. The Thermo Scientific iS50 Nicolet FTIR Spectrometer is the all-in-one materials analysis workstation. 

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Perform raw material identification, differentiate between polymorphs, and analyze formulated products with confidence. With software tools to support data integrity and permanently installed modules, including a built-in diamond ATR, to minimize re-qualification, the Nicolet iS50 FTIR Spectrometer helps you comply pharmacopeia regulatory requirements.

  • Rapid structure elucidation and material identification with the built-in diamond ATR module
  • Identification of isomers, hydrates and polymorphs utilizing the FT-Raman module
  • Develop and deploy methods for Incoming material and product verification employing the NIR Integrating sphere and Fiber optic module
  • Study product decomposition and identify entrained solvents by TGA-IR

Precisely configured to meet your current and future requirements, the Nicolet iS50 Spectrometer is built to take up minimal laboratory space and provide multiple qualification tools including EP/JP/USP/CP.  With our instrument qualification services, you can be confident that your instrument is installed, operating, and performing according to specifications.

Make complete and confident identification of seized materials and trace evidence from narcotics to paint chips. Combining both Infrared and Raman in a single system, the Nicolet iS50 FTIR Spectrometer provides two SWGDRUG/SWNAT Class A Instrumental methods to positively identify physical evidence.

  • Rapidly identify materials utilizing the Nicolet iS50 diamond ATR module and spectral search libraries
  • Distinguish illicit drug isomers with GC-IR
  • Analyze complex mixture utilizing Specta Multicomponent Search
  • Provide additional identification of inorganics and pigments utilizing Far-IR spectra
  • Quickly and safely measure drug samples with FT-Raman spectroscopy

The Nicolet iS50 Spectrometer also provides automated tools for system performance measurements utilizing traceable standards.

Characterize the composition of polymer and chemical systems from development of new materials to root cause analysis of product failure. With Near-IR, Mid-IR, Far-IR and FT-Raman all in one system, the Nicolet iS50 FTIR Spectrometer provides the tools needed to analyze polymers and additives from raw material to finished product.

  • Quick and definitive identification of compounded plastics, blends, fillers, paints, rubbers, coatings, resins, and adhesives.
  • Identify defects in materials through multiple spectroscopic techniques and spectral identification tools
  • Analyze complex mixture utilizing Specta Multicomponent Search
  • Deformulate polymer or rubber blends utilizing the TGA-IR interface and the Mercury TGA-IR software
  • Determine and quantify additives and polymer blends
  • Measure changes in materials such as curing, oxidation and degradation
  • Analyze inorganic additives utilizing far-IR spectroscopy
  • Quantify complex mixtures of gases with high spectral resolution

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Plastic parts fail. Two techniques and several accessories; UV-Vis, and FTIR with TGA, ATR and FT-Raman, collectively provide decisive root cause analysis crucial to identifying where failures occur and guide next steps.  See how these techniques work together to complete the puzzle of failure analysis in this app note. 

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Looking to improve the performance of everyday materials? Understanding that materials chemistry and characteristics is a crucial first step. From automotive to microelectronics applications the Nicolet iS50 Spectrometer can help you better understand the materials you’re working with. See specific examples below.

  • Characterize new materials
  • Measure a variety of properties of semiconductor materials such as CO concentration and thin film thickness and concentration
  • Investigating energy storage solutions like lithium ion batteries
  • Utilize automation to measure multiple spectral ranges to measure materials from the far-IR to visible range
  • Measure changes in materials due to curing, oxidation and degradation
  • Rapidly measure changes in the millisecond to nanosecond time scale
  • Characterize biocomposite materials
  • Measure emittance from semiconductor lasers and other advanced photonic devices
  • Study properties of advanced polymeric materials

Accelerate research with an FTIR that supports applications with spectral range spanning from UV to terahertz (THz). From characterizing thin films or analyzing dynamic changes in chemical bonds the Nicolet iS50 FTIR Spectrometer can be easily configured to support a wide range of advanced research.

  • Characterize thin films and monolayers with PM-IRRAS measurements
  • Measure multiple spectral ranges to measure from the far-IR to visible range without the need to manually move optical components
  • Determine chirality utilizing Vibrational Circular Dichroism (VCD)
  • Utilize the high precision and reproducibility of the Vectra-Plus interferometer for step scan measurements to including emission signal from pulsed sources, experiments using choppers, microsecond and nanosecond time-resolved spectroscopy (TRS), photoacoustic and photocurrent responses.
  • Monitor chemical reactions
  • Measure emittance from semiconductor lasers and other advanced photonic devices
  • Study the electrified metal-solution interface utilizing surface-sensitive FTIR spectroelectrochemistry
  • Characterize materials in external vacuum chambers by transmission and reflectance
  • Investigating energy storage solutions like lithium ion batteries

The Nicolet iS50R Research Spectrometer is backed by the leader in FTIR spectroscopy providing world-class engineering and applications expertise to aid in the implementation of your experiments.

Thermo Scientific OMNIC Series Software

Take control of your time-based spectroscopy experiments, so you can move from data to results quickly and easily using the OMNIC Series Software.

The OMNIC Series Software enables data collection, visualization, processing and analysis tools that significantly extends the capabilities of the Thermo Scientific OMNIC Software Suite for performing time-based experiments such as TGA-IR, GC-IR, SPR and FTIR and Raman kinetics studies.

You can also increase your data collection and processing capabilities using Thermo Scientific OMNIC Professional Software when you implement the OMNIC Series Software.

Learn more about Omnic Software.

OMNIC Anywhere App and Nicolet spectrometers drive cloud-based spectroscopy

Strengthen your collaborations using our new line of Thermo Scientific Nicolet FTIR Spectrometers Instruments enhanced with digital science connectivity. The Nicolet Summit, iS20, and iS50 FTIR Spectrometers now allow you to share your data anywhere, anytime by simply uploading your data via secure access using the Thermo Scientific OMNIC Anywhere Cloud-based App. All new Nicolet FTIR spectrometers will have access to the OMNIC Anywhere App on Connect. Start with 10 GB of free data storage where our FTIR systems can now ensure that your data is secure and ready to share anywhere.

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Institute for Global Food Security at Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland

Customer: Dr. Simon Haughey, Institute for Global Food Security at Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland  

Role: Responsible for basic research, applied R&D, analytical services. Research interests include spectroscopic fingerprinting techniques and food/feed quality and safety, food/feed authenticity/fraud/provenance. 

Materials/Samples analyzed: Many types of food commodities

Biggest pain points in material analysis work:
1. Reliable, consistent spectra
2. Sample presentation/analysis 

What are the three most significant benefits the instrument provides for your application/work?
1. Three spectroscopy modules on one instrument
2. Reliable and consistent
3. Ease of use

What do you use the Nicolet iS50 Spectrometer for? The instrument is used to take spectral fingerprints of many food commodities which are then used to develop chemometric models for authenticity/provenance/fraud. 

What other Thermo Scientific Instruments do you use to analyze materials?
1. Thermo Scientific Antaris II FTNIR Spectrometer
2. Thermo Scientific Nicolet iS5 FTIR Spectrometer
3. Thermo Scientific DXR Raman Microscope