The Thermo Scientific Antaris IGS Gas Analyzer is a flexible, powerful, and dedicated analyzer for a variety of gas applications. Developed with input from industry market leaders to solve specific gas analysis needs, this multi-component gas analyzer provides research-grade performance, speed, and sensitivity in a package designed specifically for use in plant and process environments.


Offering high performance in calibration and stability, and high-speed data acquisition, the Antaris IGS Gas Analyzer provides fast and reliable results. Use the analyzer to target your specific needs, with an industrial rack-mount and table-top configurations, as well as flexible gas cell configurations and multiple detector options. Thermo Scientific RESULT Software in the Antaris IGS Gas Analyzer provides easy-to-use tools for routine analysis, method development, method transfer, operation setup, and data analysis.


The Antaris IGS Gas Analyzer is suitable for use across multiple FTIR gas analysis applications, including monitoring of ultra-high purity specialty gases in semiconductor manufacturing, combustion emissions, industrial emissions and toxic/polluting analytes, and bio-gas, hydrogen, and other renewal energy fuels.

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