The Thermo Scientific MAX-iR FTIR Gas Analyzer is designed to meet the challenges of inline process monitoring, batch sampling, gas purity/certification, and more. Combined with Thermo Scientific StarBoost Enhanced Optical Technology, the MAX-iR analyzer enables users to achieve single-digit ppb detection limits for many applications. For ultra-high purity bulk gas applications, the detection limits can be further reduced to mid ppt.

MAX-iR FTIR Gas Analyzer features

Perform sensitive real-time analysis with Thermo Scientific MAX-Acquisition Automation Software—high-performance analytical software specifically developed for real-time process and CEM environments. For maximum productivity without human interaction, the software features fully automated method control, data publishing, configurable alarms, remote control, and reporting tools. Other features of the MAX-iR FTIR Gas Analyzer include:

  • 24-bit analog to digital (ADC) integrated detector modules for excellent signal-to-noise without the use of liquid nitrogen
  • A long-life vertical cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) diode and a silicon carbide (SiC) IR source for increased longevity and dependability
  • Integrated temperature and pressure sensors for increased precision in demanding certification applications
  • Dual-level vibrational dampening for operation in challenging field environments


FTIR gas analysis for industrial applications

Industrial process applications from in-process monitoring to end-product quality assurance can benefit from the MAX-iR analyzer’s ability to detect down to single-digit ppb while simultaneously measuring for impurities in real-time. Use the MAX-iR FTIR Gas Analyzer for chemical manufacturing, air separation, semiconductor, and beverage applications.

FTIR gas analysis for ambient air applications

Measuring challenging compounds like ethylene oxide requires technology that avoids false alarms for benign interferences and meets standards from regulatory bodies such as the EPA and US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Successful ambient air monitoring requires the ability to discriminate target compounds down to single-digit ppb even in the presence of high concentrations of interferences, such as water, solvents, and hydrocarbons. The MAX-iR Gas Analyzer is suitable for a wide range of continuous ambient air monitoring applications, whether in the factory or the lab, including medical sterilization, chemical manufacturing, semiconductor fabrication, and automotive production.

FTIR gas analysis of source emissions

The fully automated Thermo Scientific EMS-10 platform provides fast, reliable continuous emissions monitoring without the need for recalibration or liquid nitrogen. Our source emission systems all accept StarBoost Optical Enhancement Technology, providing single-digit ppb detection of difficult-to-measure compounds such as formaldehyde and ethylene oxide. Use the MAX-iR FTIR Gas Analyzer for key source emissions analyses including chemical manufacturing, source testing, gas-fired turbines, and cement manufacturing.