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Niton XRF Analyzer Scanning Metal

Achieve instant, actionable data with Thermo Scientific elemental and radiation detection solutions. Combining sophisticated technologies, including X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy (XRF), Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), and radiation detection, our analyzers enable you to achieve lab quality results virtually anywhere. Featuring vivid displays, advanced electronics and robust performance, Thermo Scientific is built to help you attain increased profitability and quality assurance. Whether in the field, or on the shop floor, analyze with confidence using Thermo Scientific solutions. Ready to learn more? Contact us to speak with a member from our team.

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Automotive catalyst analysis
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Want to learn how LIBS technology works? Developed by our team of experts, you’ll learn what businesses can benefit from portable LIBS, how the technology works, and what to look for when purchasing a LIBS analyzer.

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How to Measure Metal Coating Thickness Using Handheld X-ray Fluorescence Analyzers

Senior Application Specialist gives an exclusive insight into the benefits of using handheld XRF analyzers to measure metal coating thickness. Read more to find out how the latest handheld XRF analyzers work.

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