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Agrigenomics brochure

Learn about the comprehensive agrigenomic genotyping solutions we offer as well as the technology platforms used.

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Agrigenomics blog posts

Look through our library of blog posts that cover all things agrigenomics.

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Customer testimonials

We asked some of the world’s top scientists how our agrigenomic solutions have helped them in their genotyping endeavors. Take a look at what they had to say.

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Agrigenomics scientific posters

Browse through our extensive collection of scientific posters. Download the ones you like for free.

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Agrigenomics videos

From plants and livestock to companion animals and aquaculture, we’ve brought together educational webinars and videos from across the industry.

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AgriSeq next-generation sequencing brochure

The AgriSeq targeted GBS solution utilizes a highly efficient multiplexed PCR chemistry, where hundreds to thousands of markets can be targeted and uniformly amplified in a single reaction.

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