PrepSEQ reagents for nucleic acid extraction, dna purification, and genomic DNA isolation

Solutions for contaminant and impurity testing

Optimization for the best recovery of your genomic DNA and RNA is crucial for in-process and lot release testing and requires the best sample preparation possible. The success of a QC analytical test is critically dependent on the sample preparation used to remove PCR interferants. We offer a range of sample prep solutions using our reliable PrepSEQ chemistry in both manual and automated formats to enable superior recovery efficiency for applications where consistent absolute quantitation and high sensitivity detection are required.

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PrepSEQ chemistry is a universal sample preparation workflow for contaminant and impurity testing used in multiple applications, including residual host cell DNA quantitation, mycoplasma detection, Minute Mouse Virus (MMV), and viral detection. The benefits of the PrepSEQ kit include:

  • Easy-to-use—simple protocol featuring magnetic bead based technology for efficient sample extraction, clean up and elution
  • Sensitive—isolation of genomic DNA from total lysate of test samples
  • Increased throughput with flexible automation formats
  • Rapid—routine screening of high-value cell lines in combination with the resDNASEQ Quantitative Residual Host Cell DNA Kit 
  • Accurate—determination of absence or presence of contaminants with the MycoSEQ Mycoplasma Detection Kit
Universal sample preparation for impurity and contaminant testing

Get reliable, consistent quantitative recovery of your target DNA and RNA with a comprehensive solution that is built on years of successful performance. PrepSEQ technology enables consistent recovery from matrices varying in complexity, whether it is pH, salt quantity, or protein balance. The nucleic acid extraction workflow includes our proprietary magnetic particle and binding solution that not only enables high binding but complete elution of the purified sample. The PrepSEQ solution offers flexible protocols for manual sample preparation or automation protocols, allowing you to process 1–96 extractions at one time, with high recovery to help enable you to meet regulatory guidelines. 

PrepSEQ nucleic acid extraction workflow

Figure 1. The PrepSEQ nucleic acid extraction workflow includes our proprietary magnetic particle and binding solution that not only enables high binding but complete elution of the purified sample.

Automated sample preparation solutions

Boost lab productivity by reducing hands-on sample preparation time, increasing throughput, reducing costs, and improving the quality of sample extractions. Intuitive to operate and pre-loaded with protocols, our automated sample preparation instruments help meet your throughput needs. Our automated solutions offer multi-assay, time-saving, cost-effective DNA extraction for residual host cell DNA, mycoplasma, MMV, and Vesivirus.

Sample preparation solutions for residual DNA and RNA quantitation

Thermo Scientific KingFisher Apex and Kingfisher Flex Sample Purification Instruments

We offer a high throughput solution for the automation of the PrepSEQ workflow to purify samples for residual host cell DNA analysis. The complete sample DNA and RNA extraction and 96-well preparation for qPCR analysis is achieved in less than three hours using PrepSEQ/resDNASEQ kits. The KingFisher Apex and KingFisher Flex Instruments automate the PrepSEQ workflow to deliver reliable high DNA/RNA recovery with consistent performance, regardless of sample complexity.

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Sample preparation solutions for contaminant detection

AutoMate Express Nucleic Acid Extraction System

We offer an easy-to-use benchtop instrument that enables hands-free automation of the nucleic acid extraction process for the MycoSEQ Mycoplasma Detection, ViralSEQ MMV Detection, and ViralSEQ Vesivirus Detection testing workflows. The instrument uses the established PrepSEQ nucleic acid extraction chemistry packaged into a cartridge format for quantitative recovery of DNA and RNA. The Automate Express offers out-of-the-box automation for easy integration into existing workflows and lab configurations. There is minimal hands-on time with this closed system that is “load and go” with prefilled reagent cartridges and preprogrammed protocols. The Automate Express magnetic particle processor instrument offers low to medium throughput of up to 13 extractions in one run. Read more ›

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