PrepSEQ™ Chemistry is a universal sample preparation for contaminant and impurity testing used in multiple applications, including residual host cell DNA quantitation, mycoplasma detection, and viral detection. It offers best-in-class performance for quantitative recovery, high reproducibility, and consistent performance across a broad range of complex matrices.

  • Multi-assay, time-saving, cost-effective DNA extraction for Mycoplasma, MMV, Vesivirus, and residual host cell DNA
  • Highly efficient, reproducible recovery of DNA from complex samples

Boost lab productivity by reducing hands-on sample preparation time, increasing throughput, reducing costs, and improving the quality of sample extractions. Intuitive to operate and pre-loaded with protocols, our automated sample preparation instruments help meet your throughput needs.

Whatever your throughput or automation requirements, we can help you find the right sample preparation solution for you.

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